HP Elite Presenter Mouse not being found

I always found Bluetooth to be difficult to use at best, but HP seems to make some of their hardware impossible for me to work with.

They say on their product FAQ page ( https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c05845989 (The very last expanding question, titled " Why won’t my HP Elite Presenter Mouse connect to my PC?")) that Windows is a requirement for the mouse to work.

Is there any workaround? something that I can do to link this Bluetooth mouse to my laptop?
I’d really not care about making it become a presenting remote, as long as the mouse option works </3

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All I found was an open kernel bug report. No progress thus far, unfortunately.



Thank you, I updated the question to include the link and where to find HP specifying writing what I mentioned.

Also, thank you for the link; any idea how I could show that I too enquired about it, to avoid them thinking this is a matter too few care about to be sorted? should I just drop a comment?

Thank you in advance :smiley: