PDF writer in Manjaro

How to install a pdf editor(writer) in Manjaro, so that the document is not distorted if you open it in Windows ?

Hi @Kerogaz,

I believe it is a part of Libreoffice, as I’ve had no issues with mine, yet haven’t installed one explicitly.

I am completely unsure of why it’s doing that if you’re using Libreoffice, but if it does then you need to provide more information for anyone trying to help. To that end, see How to provide good information and, if applicable, see [HowTo] post screenshots and links.

Hope you figure it out!

qpdfview in libreoffice is only reader. Can I install Okular or Scribus or Master PDF Editor ? LibreOffice Draw extremely inconvenient to use

Inside libreoffice there is a button export to pdf

But you can also install cups-pdf which creates a generic pdf printer which can be used from any application

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I have to fill out a ready-made document form in the PDF (put my name, etc. )

Libreoffice has a button to export as PDF directly. Nothing extra necessary:

I have to fill out a ready-made document form in the PDF (put my name there, etc.) Do not create a new pdf file, but edit an existing pdf file. Сan I install Okular etc like in Linux Mint?

Yeah I know what you’re asking for here. This was a pain for me too. PDFs with forms just don’t have an elegant solution on Linux. You can try and use the Online Editor

Alternatively you can try to install acrobat reader with wine. There are also in-built PDF readers in Firefox and Chromium-based browsers that might work.

KDE, Or: how I learned to stop worrying and love XFCE

Unfortunately KDE is awful, just installing Okular requires me to install all of the following dependencies.

              accounts-qml-module-0.7-4  discount-2.2.7-1
              kaccounts-integration-21.08.2-1  kactivities-5.87.0-1
              karchive-5.87.0-1  kbookmarks-5.87.0-1  kcmutils-5.87.0-1
              kcodecs-5.87.0-1  kcompletion-5.87.0-1  kconfig-5.87.0-1
              kconfigwidgets-5.87.0-1  kcrash-5.87.0-1  kdbusaddons-5.87.0-1
              kdeclarative-5.87.0-1  kded-5.87.0-1  kglobalaccel-5.87.0-1
              kguiaddons-5.87.0-1  ki18n-5.87.0-1  kiconthemes-5.87.0-1
              kio-5.87.0-1  kirigami2-5.87.0-1  kitemviews-5.87.0-1
              kjobwidgets-5.87.0-1  kjs-5.87.0-1  knotifications-5.87.0-1
              kpackage-5.87.0-1  kparts-5.87.0-1  kpty-5.87.0-1
              kservice-5.87.0-1  ktextwidgets-5.87.0-1  kwallet-5.87.0-1
              kwidgetsaddons-5.87.0-1  kxmlgui-5.87.0-1
              libaccounts-glib-1.25-4  libaccounts-qt-1.16-3
              libdbusmenu-qt5-0.9.3+16.04.20160218-5  libkexiv2-21.08.2-1
              libutempter-1.2.1-1  media-player-info-24-2  phonon-qt5-4.11.1-2
              phonon-qt5-gstreamer-4.10.0-2  poppler-qt5-21.10.0-1
              purpose-5.87.0-1  qt5-graphicaleffects-5.15.2-1
              qt5-multimedia-5.15.2-1  qt5-quickcontrols-5.15.2-1
              qt5-quickcontrols2-5.15.2+kde+r8-1  qt5-speech-5.15.2-1
              signon-kwallet-extension-21.08.2-1  signon-plugin-oauth2-0.25-1
              signon-ui-0.17+20171022-2  signond-8.60-3  solid-5.87.0-1
              sonnet-5.87.0-1  threadweaver-5.87.0-1  okular-21.08.2-1

Thanks but Online Editor is not a good solution for confidential documents. Can I use? Master PDF Editor for Linux. Download Master PDF Editor for Linux.

I wouldn’t, but that’s up to you. It’s in the AUR as masterpdfeditor-free

Okular will fill out PDF forms, I’ve used it a few times. It’s in the official repositories so I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to install it. Then you save the file to access or print it later. I don’t know what it will look like if you then view the file in Windows.

Okular is KDE. They use Xfce. See above for the list of dependencies if @BusinessOrc tries to install it. So it might not really be viable for them. But that’s for @Kerogaz
to decide.

I got it, I have to install KDE. Thanks

If you’re going to install the whole KDE, you can just as well use Okular…

Some browsers allows for filling out pdf forms - have you tried?

No question has been asked to save as PDF yet most answers are about that strangely.

To fill in PDF forms:
Latest version of Firefox allows form filling.

To edit PDFs:
I use pdfescape.com, no Linux compatible app comes close to the ease of use of this online editor.

I installed KDE with Okular. I converted pdf to plain texte added the information I needed and converted back to pdf. But the table frames are lost

And you post confidential information (for example, your bank account numbers, etc. on an unsecured site? You are a brave person

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Usually info like that is filled in via form filling for which you can nowadays use Firefox, the file is opened from your downloads. Not stored on a server.
For PDF editing, I usually do not need to type in sensitive stuff, usually I want to hide things, mark things cut/duplicate texts etc and make generic additions.

But giving away my bank account, we share that stuff regularly with so many organisations. Everyone can know my bank account, all you can do is add money to it. There is very little money on the active account, as savings etc go to other accounts. And I am protected by the bank and the EU authorities if anything happens with the bank’s security.

Just by shopping and via subscriptions, by now my bank account, name and phone number (the same for 20yrs) is pretty common info. So indeed stuff like that, whether it is in a leaky database of an old webshop or still remains on the pdfescape.com servers I am not too worried about (but as said, I use Firefox form filling for that stuff).

If you buy a house, you share much more sensitive data via email and all you can do is pray the advisor/intermediary (many countries require you to go through intermediaries, instead of dealing with banks directly) uses a secure mailbox and practices common secure behavior.

That said: it is definitely not the preferred method, but after extensive searching (and testing Linux compatible apps) I have not found a single alternative that is as easy to use for 90% of the people, including my parents. Just be wise to only use it to edit PDFs and not necessarily to fill in forms.

The file originating from your HOME, or anywhere else, doesnt dictate how it is used.
I assume we all understand both the concept of uploads, and of things like storage?

You really should not have this attitude about any of your personal information.
Address, name, phone number … let alone bank account.

I say these things not so much to chastise you … but in the hope that you, please, augment this behavior. It does not seem like you are being safe.