Manjaro-pipewire should give option in choosing media session

Currently there can be 2 audio session under pipewire (to best of my knowledge)

  1. pipewire-media-session
  2. wireplumber

Issue 1: wireplumber can be installed alongside pipewire-media-session on manjaro ( Which is contrary to what arch allows where these both are in conflict)

FeatureRequest : When installing manjaro-pipewire ask users to what they want pipewire-media-session or wireplumber and put both of those packages in conflict to each other.

No, it can’t.

❯ pacman -Si wireplumber | grep "Conflicts With"
Conflicts With  : pipewire-media-session

The feature requested appears to be implemented already

if pamac is used to install package manjaro-pipewire user is requested to choose optional dependency wireplumber

$ pamac install manjaro-pipewire

Choose optional dependencies for manjaro-pipewire:
1:  wireplumber: Alternative session / policy manager implementation

Enter a selection (default=none):

If user selects 1 pamac will offer to install wireplumber and other PipeWire dependencies

If user does not select wireplumber pamac will request user to choose between the two packages that provide pipewire-session-manager

Choose a provider for pipewire-session-manager:
1:  pipewire-media-session  1:0.4.0-1  extra
2:  wireplumber             0.4.4-4    extra

I installed manjaro-pipewire, that went well.
Then i installed wireplumber that also went well.

Now I have both installed.


Thanks for telling me this, I actually relied on pacman , I will try using pamac.

pacman also mentions optional dependencies and will gracefully prompt for replacements in the case of conflicts.

This is true it says they are optional dependencies , it doesn’t state that it conflicts with it, I can install them both together like this and now I have both of them installed

Because those packages are not marked as conflicting.
(whether or not you agree with this is probably opinionated)
I honestly dont think its a good thing if pamac is artifically creating ‘faux-conflicts’ instead of relying on ALPM packaging standards …

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