High RAM consumption when playing DX12 games with Nvidia 470.57.02

It seems that 470 series have several regressions connected with memory leaks. Is where an easy way to downgrade driver?
It would be nice for Manjaro to expand mhwd to choose video-driver version like it can be chosen with kernel

There’s a thread here somewhere where this was discussed, but I can’t find it now.

There’s a topic on the NVIDIA forums about it. It happened to me with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

I have seen it. We can’t fix nvidia drivers, but it would be nice to make simple tool in Manjaro to downgrade video-drivers in such cases.

Downgrading is not supported and at your own risk. Rolling releases roll forward, not back.

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I know. But what should we do with regressions?
I have tried to use downgrade util, but I have only linux510-nvidia 470… in the list to downgrade

Retain at least two (I keep three) old packages in your Pacman cache. See pacman - ArchWiki.

You can use nvidia-all and install the driver you want,very easy installation.

Just make sure to make a backup with Timeshift just in case.

File a bug upstream!

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What do you mean by “bug upsteam”? Bug tracker of nvidia or bug tracker in Manjaro?
It is a bug in nvidia driver, so the only solution is a waiting for a bugfix. The only real solution for a user of Manjaro is a downgrading version, but it is not supporting officially and I can’t do it because a package was removed from pacman cache.

Please read this:

Especially the section What is this ‘Upstream’ and 'Downstream" business?


Before calling me a noob, you should fix this “howto”. Linus has no registry, cause he is a man, main developer and mainteiner of Linux kernel.
There is no official possibility to choose video driver in Manjaro and this a downstream problem (may be feature request is needed).

My apologies, but I didn’t call you anything: I just pointed you to a generic guide that takes a humorous approach to a lot of misconceptions about Linux in general and Manjaro in particular.

:man_facepalming: Thank you for pointing that out: Corrected!

There is! You can choose from any in:

mhwd --list

If you would feel that is not enough, please feel free to post a #site-feedback:feature-request that describes in detail what you’re looking for and if one of our developers deems it an added value to Manjaro, they will take it up in our next release!


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Thank you for your answer. May be I am noob in Arch-based distros, cause all my previous distros were rpm-based or debian-based, including my current distro at my job :wink:
That’s why my questions may look a little bit nooby.

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Finishing with the question, here is a sceenshot, there you can see, that results of “mhwd” and “mhwd --list” are the same

Edit* deleted screenshot

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Please read this:

Especially this bit:

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Thank you for your cooperation.

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As a true oldfag, I have skipped reading all tutorials and FAQ :blush:
And yes - it was advice from one of Manjaro developers to ask here

And what about downstream solution to expand mhwd to make it possible to select video driver?

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That would be a new post in the #site-feedback:feature-request category…

Please note that:

  • Great ideas are plentiful
  • The Manjaro team is quite small
  • Programming is hard
  • The devs do read the feature-request category, but only pick up ideas that interest them.

Yeah, I’m an :older_adult: fart too and why I’m pointing you to the essential tutorials you should read! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Created feature-request here

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