Install Manjaro using gnome-boxes

Hi, this is my first time here, and I could not find the answer to my problem yet. Sorry if my question is duplicated somehow.

I am trying to install Manjaro (Gnome) using Gnome-Boxes. The Live launches and is usable. But when I initialize the installation process it tells me that there are no “Partitions to install”


I am not sure, but it may also be an issue with Gnome-Boxes that did not have the Manjaro Template, as you can see the in this screen that appears prior to the start of the image.


However, there is a “Manjaro” item, in the template list.

So, I am asking if someone has any tip for me to make a virtual drive or partitions available so I can evaluate Manjaro before making the change to this OS.

Thank you, folks.

*Ps.: Could not add screenshots, maybe since this is my first post.

Ps2.: I did not download Manjaro myself, I am using one that gnome-box lists as a download. I will try to install download and install it myself from the iso, maybe I will get the prompt to create a virtual drive.

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It helps you:

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