Searching about a way to translate KDE breath2 theme

I am searching about a way to translate items in kde breath2 theme.
Actually, the kde logout menu buttons and sddm buttons (shutdown, restart…), in the KDE’s Breath2 theme french translation are still in english.

Is there a file i can modify easily to do that? or the problem is in the sources and i have to modify and package again from it?


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@bogdancovaciu Can you help @Cat_Shadow (IIRC, you’re the one who was involved in Breath2?)


AFAIK, everything related to KDE Plasma translations is taken from KDE Plasma itself. Themes do not have a separate translation because id provided by the DE. What works on Breeze should work on other themes too.

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However, i don’t have the problem with the breeze theme.

No issue in KDE Breath2 or Breeze Dark theme, in French, everything is in French.

Maybe look if you’re not missing some translation packages from Manjaro Settings (search lang it will list related menus) → “Paquets Linguistiques”. Also make sure you have set the system languages properly maybe?


Is your SDDM or logoff menu buttons totally in French?
My OS is totally set in French, and i have no update to other French language packages.

NB; for me, in SDDM, the restart button is in French but shutdown and other are not

You are not alone, I got the very same situation with another language (German) and it always has been this way sinced I switched to Manjaro KDE with Breath2 1,5 years ago. I regulary set up Manjaro in virtual machines from scratch and it is reproducible there.



My settings:

first picture: ok for me
second picture: shutdown in french and other items in english
same settings

Il y a baleine sous gravillons!

NB: i cannot send picture on the chat

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Please read this:

It did a comparison between Breath2 and Breeze on a clean installation. Breeze is fully translated, Breath2 lacks some translations.



Strange. Wonder if this could be the cause of all this.

Something happened between my local files and git, so today i have seen the difference and was able to make the change there. Will ask someone to rebuild the package for that and see if the issue is corrected.

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Much appreciated. Will recheck as soon as the packages rolls out.

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The corresponding package hasn’t been updated yet with the latest updates. Is there something we can do to trigger a rebuild?