VeraCrypt won't show my encrypted USB drive

Hello. I’ve been testing Manjaro for a few days and I decided to give it a try as my daily driver. Unfortunately I forgot to test it with Veracrypt.

Veracrypt won’t show my USB drive when inserting it. I used Ubuntu in the past and I had no errors whatsoever. It recognized my drive so I could decrypt it. I’ll attach a screen. I guess the drive is using FAT32 but I’m not completely sure.

Help would be nice because I need that drive a few days in the week.

Edit: I can’t attach pictures here :frowning:

That is due to not having reached the required Trust Level yet.

However, if the screenshot really would provide substantial information and you are 100% sure you cannot explain it just with words - then here is a work-around:

You say that Veracrypt doesn’t recognize your usb drive when inserting it. But, Veracrypt won’t automatically recognize a device. You need to select it. At least I do it that way. Maybe you setup some auto mount when you were using Ubuntu. I see there is an option to do that although I’ve never tried it. You probably have to set it up again on Manjaro.

I also use Veracrypt on a daily basis, but I don’t recognise your issue. Do you use the GUI or the CLI? With Veracrypt I prefer the GUI.

Do you mean it doesn’t auto-mount the drive? Or when you open the “Select Device…”-menu it doesn’t show? Does the drive show with sudo fdisk -l?