How to improve stability in Manjaro?

Hello everyone, I’ve recently left Manjaro for Ubuntu Studio due to the lack of stability that I faced.
My work nature requires stability, I work as a content creator (that’s why I switched to Ubuntu Studio) and use an optimus laptop.
After I installed Ubuntu, I started to miss Manjaro straight away. I missed pamac and optimus-manager and all the great features that come with Manjaro.
Then it really got on my nerves when DaVinci Resolve wouldn’t work when my GPU is in hybrid mode like it did in Manjaro.

So I’m really thinking of switching back.
But I don’t want to kill the stability that I get in Ubuntu, so what are the steps of improving stability in Manjaro, thanks.

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Also what’s with the critics (e.g reddit, Hadet and Some other site)?

What all stability issues did you face?

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Hi @YoungFellow,

With my own experience, I’ve had absolute no crashes whatsoever, whensoever. So, I don’t think this is a “Manjaro” stability problem. Rather, I suspect it’s hardware.

I doubt if I will be able to help you, but for anyone trying to help, please see How to provide good information and, if applicable, please see [HowTo] post screenshots and links.

Please also describe the nature of the issue. Saying it’s not stable doesn’t really mean anything. That’s pretty much describing my mother-in-law right there.

With anything in life you’ll always get naysayers and haters. The important thing is that you make up your mind for yourself. What works for me and what I like won’t neccessarily work for anyone else, and that’s OK. Unfortunately few people grasp this.


Best would be to create a new forum topic for every issue. This way, you’re more likely to catch the attention of someone that might be able to help.


Alright, so I found this, and this.
I’m going to switch and see what happens.

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Unfortunately haters are going to hate. If you want an arch based distro then manjaro is as stable as any if not more stable. Like others have said what stability issues have you had? Perhaps it was DE issues, both kde and gnome are under heavy development so Perhaps xfce or cinnamon would be "more stable ". I’ve been running cinnamon for 18 months and any issues have been from my own doing. Perhaps do daily backups then it’s easy to rollback if anything does go wrong and keep your home directory on a separate partition


you can use kde or xfce for stability or even make it light disbling compton and other effects


I have four computers running Manjaro: two KDE and two XFCE.

I have no freezes and no crashes.


Your post is lacking information on what is not stable, I am going to assume that your are referring to some software sometimes crashing due to some libs that are not compatible, I very rarely have issues with those and I am on unstable branch, but sometimes it could happen, you could for example install your software using snaps with pamac that way you are using Ubunto base with your applications and is less likely to break, another option is using self contained flatpaks.

Any information on what is not stable and steps to reproduce it might help maintainers fix it.


Google filter bubble - search one time - and get a lifetime of answers that fit your bias

Try the same search for any popular distribution - you get the same result - judge for yourself instead of letting others decide how you work.

Keep your system as close to upstream as you possibly can and with that I mean

  • keep AUR usage to absolute minimum
  • use the supplied themes instead of experimenting with fancy themes

I will join @codesardine in the comment on unstable branch and the possible usage of snaps for running special software.

I have been unstable for years (with the exception of the kernel and modules which is built by Manjaro core team - unstable branch is a close match to Arch stable) and I haven’t had serious issues for years.


I can"t speak for Ubuntu haven’t used it since they switched to unity. I can speak for Manjaro and agree with it being very stable.The forum here also helps alot with issues some may have .Can’t speak either about mother in law but can speak about the girl friend being a lot more unstable than any issues I’ve ever had with Manjaro unstable.


I highly recommend reading the update announcements before updating. Specifically, pay attention to the “Known issues and solutions” post (1st comment in the announcement thread). This will inform you if certain packages have issues after updating, and how to avoid those issues.

If there are packages with issues that you rely on, hold off updating until you have time to understand any manual steps required for a smooth update.

You can subscribe to update announcements by clicking the bell icon in the top-right and selecting “Watching First Post”



I have used Manjaro KDE for 1 year and now moved to Debian.
Here are my 2 cents that bugged me.

  1. Pamac would crash when changing settings. If I enable AUR. Search result package was too slow.
  2. Things wouldn’t work after update. So, I had to come back to this forum post to solve issue. i.e: konsole not working in right-click menu.
  3. Graphics drivers switching is confusing and would stop installing in mid without any information of the problem.
  4. KWin crash if I play games.
  5. Changing themes would put my system in mess and there is no way to revert back to default settings. So, I always stayed with Default Breeze themes.

I was considering switching from Debian based to Arch based for a while, and finally did months ago with Manjaro. I’ve had this want in the back of my head to go for Arch, but I just can’t do it yet because Manjaro is working so well for me.


One or two years old troll critics, really?
Haters are gonna hate, anyway. And in terms of rolling release, 2 years back are still not considered as prehistoric… But it’s quite ooold anyway. Not the same paradigm as LTS Ubuntu versions people still use after 5 years.

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Hello everyone, I’m posting from the Manjaro Live USB as the installation is happening.
Right, so what I meant by stability was NOT crashing and hardware related issues, Manjaro did the best job at that.
What I meant was “things not working”, yea :sweat_smile: sorry about that.
Because of my constant reading that Manjaro is unstable and it’s so bad and bla-bla-bla I thought that the word “unstable” was normal in Manjaro; thus I used it.

I was just going to say that, because I love customizing my desktop to the limit so that caused problems.

Anyway, installation is finished so I’m going to restart and start using Manjaro.
Thanks guys for not being so harsh, I come from a Mint background and in their forum I used to get slapped around, so thanks :grin:

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I came from Mint myself which is the main reason I chose the manjaro-cinnamon edition. I played with kde, deepin and budgie but kept coming back to cinnamon as it s just so smooth and stable

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Unless you explicitly say what is not working, the post really would not help anyone. Maybe create a new post for that, as this one is already marked as solved.

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