Wrong passord when I try to download some apps

First of all sorry, my english is not the best.
I am a new user of manjaro and I was trying to download esayeda and wps office, when I put my password on the terminal, appear a long times “wrong passoword”
First I reinstall the manjaro, but this error appear again.
No my caps lock is not activate

Hello @Arthur_a :wink:


Only there?

At least WPS Office is available here: AUR (en) - wps-office

pamac build wps-office
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The easyeda I was following this video [Install EasyEDA on your Ubuntu or Linux Based Operating system] I cant put the link sorry
and yes,

it’s like that
“I put my password”
incorrect password try again:

but when I use the “appstore”
and it is requested, it works

Manjaro uses a rolling release model, so videos are not the most up-to-date resource for installing things, especially Ubuntu videos! :scream:

Therefore read this:

(At a minimum The N00b guide to installing software, but the other sections could be useful to you as well if you don’t know much about them)

Then reverse the steps you already took from the video and install your chosen software the right way!


P.S. For the future, please use this methodology to post links / pictures / videos
P.P.S. If you can’t find “Manjaro” instructions, follow “Arch” instructions and if you can’t find anything, please post a question here!

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  1. On the terminal it does not work? This also?
sudo su
  1. I guess you mean graphical root check called polkit which is used on the pamac manager.

I faced similar problem when my user and root passwords were different, and I was entering the root password when prompted.

If that is the case with you, then try using the user password.

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Hey thanks, all of you, My friend show I made a error on installation, so its not a bug
but yes my mistake
sorry for taking your time with my mistake

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