Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post

Hi there

Is is some sort of punishment or what? Did I do something why I cannot add images to the posts?



You need to reach a higher trust level within the forum software.

I don’t think the Manjaro peeps want lots of new users uploading too many images.
(Might have something to do with the previous issues?)

You’ll get the ability by using the forums some more.


You should of seen this before! When you signed up.

But it’s been modified.


ok, how can I check my level of trust? been looking at my profile and couldn’t get a clue of that (and cannot post screenshot what’s there)



You can check your trust level on your user dashboard by clicking on the ‘expand’ button in the top right corner.

Another way is to check if you are in one of the following groups:

You will find your user here (TL1):


As I understand, this is a new normal.
Ok then another question - do I need a higher level?
I mean, I am occasional user, who pops in when encounters problems. Usually 5-10 times a year. Is there any need for me to strive for higher level just to be able post screenshots? Maybe I shouldn’t be posting them and that is absolutely fine.

Thank you

There is a tutorial to explain how to post screenshots if you are not TL1:

As you are TL1, you should be able to post screenshots. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In other words ─ pardon my cynicism ─ you are only connecting to the forum if you have some problem that you cannot solve, but you are not interested in becoming a member of the community and/or helping out other members while also educating yourself on account of GNU/Linux in the process.

Well, that is all fine, but you cannot expect the staff of this forum to grant you a higher trust level based upon those criteria. A trust level must be earned, so that at least we’ll know that we’re not dealing with spammers or trolls ─ and we do get those too.



@solnce, to go a bit farther on @Aragorn’s post; screenshots should be a last resort.


That’s explained in the tutorial as well:


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Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking for higher level of trust. My question is just if I I may need higher level, but the answer is obvious - I don’t need it. At least for my level of participation.