Qt apps not become dark

hello guys,
I changed the transparency under application style and after that all the qt apps became white themed,even when set to dark theme.
the qt app shows this info.
“The QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME environment variable is not set (required value: qt5ct).”

Don’t use qt5ct in KDE, use system settings instead.

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See how to do this below:

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thank you for replying ,

should I uninstall qt5ct?

Pretty sure vscode is not QT based, but rather GTK based. Did you set your GTK theme in the KDE System settings?

thankYou for response
I just set the global theme to bereeze dark . can you tell me how to do that in settings?

System Settings → Appearance → Application Style → Gnome/GTK Application Style (button).

thankyou that worked :partying_face:
But everyone says there are 2 types of themes gtk and qt there is no options for qt apps in the settings, will this setting work for all apps?

QT apps are controlled by the KDE theme. KDE is QT based after all.
GTK apps, like electron apps, are controlled by the GTK theme, you set in that extra setting thing I mentioned.

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Thank you I didn’t knew that, So that .Man kde is amazing

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