App can be launched via terminal but isn't listed with other applications

Hi, I followed a guilde* to install discord on my Manjaro GNOME. However it is not listed as an installed program (I can’t find it with the ArcMenu or ULauncher etc.). At the same time I can launch it via the terminal from any directory (‘dis’ even autocompletes to ‘Discord’).

How do I get it to show up there?

[*]: I can’t enter links here. The guide essentially lets you extract the official .tar.gz file into /opt, creates a symlink to /usr/bin/Discord, edits the .desktop file and copies it to /usr/share/applications.

Discord is in the Manjaro repo, it would probably be better to remove what you did and install it properly.

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I did that originally but yesterday there was an update that wasn’t in the official repo yet and I couldn’t use discord. Also I think it is time I learned how to install .tar.gz apps :smile:

The latest version of Discord on their website is 0.0.14 which is the same version in the Manjaro stable branch.

EDIT: Maybe you need to refresh your database to see the updated package?

Ok, they probably updated it by now and I’ll probably also switch to that. But can I really expect the Manjaro repo to update their packages as fast as the original one? I need discord for university and I can’t wait a day before I can use it again.

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If you have any problems in the future, you can try what the Arch Wiki suggests about “cheating”, by editing the version of Discord (from the official repositories) so that it can be launched.


Maybe the Flatpak is updated quicker?

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Probably lightcord is an alternative if discord really doesn’t work again. Lightcord looks and works exactly like discord (myself i don’t miss any features on lightcord which are on discord), but you are not locked out if an update comes…

pamac build lightcord-bin

Ok, thank you guys very much for all the solutions. I’ll try them all and see what works best.

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A few links for context.

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