How to require a password to switch desktops?

I want it to ask for a password when switching from the 1st desktop to the 2nd desktop with the ctrl alt key and the right left key in the workspaces. Can you help me…

may you explain a little bit more detailed what you mean with “desktop”. it’s a little bit curious to understand your question.

I added 2 pictures. I’m switching from desktop 1 to desktop 2. Meanwhile, when switching from the 1st desktop to the 2nd desktop, I want it to ask for a password, so after I enter the password, I can switch to the 2nd desktop.

I couldn’t add the pictures I told you about. I hope you understand my problem

never heard that there is a option to switch virtual desktops with a password

Is there any way to work around this?

that’s a curious question, maybe the forum of gnome can give you more details

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AFAIK, workspaces (what you call desktops) are not intended to work that way, in any desktop environment.
What are you trying to achieve?

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Yes - you want the system to do something which cannot be done.

Because all your virtual desktop or workspaces are under the same user login.

You cannot use access control for virtual desktops - as simple as that.

No can do.

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Yes: under KDE, go to “Switch user” and log in there.

Then press press Ctrl +Alt +F1 to switch back to the first and Ctrl +Alt +F2 to switch back to the second user session.

Would that be a good enough workaround?


As I read, you want something not in the intention of GNOME workspaces, and think of it like something else, probably a different user session. Maybe read its documentation in the first place.

As written, a workspace is, as its name suggest, a space for you to group a set of windows where a particular activity is concerned. Say a workspace for office work, for gaming and for content creation, each will have a different set of windows to do the job. It is still the same you who work there, so asking a password everytime you want to switch workspace is ridiculously annoying.

The same cannot be said if you treat each “workspace” as a personal space, different users owning each. This will be protected under password when switching users (without logging out current one), which you can do by following this (read the sticky note). This, is your workaround. As for restoring the apps, recent GNOME version drops the session auto save/restore due to broken implementation, in KDE this works well. However, an extension is available to provide that functionality again. How reliable it is, however, I don’t know, you have to try yourself as I don’t use GNOME.