Firefox is already running, but is not responding

You might have a zombie Firefox process, kill it from your Task Manager and try again.

I close the open Firefox windows and then it works as expected. However I would like to have a more convenient and stable solution.

I see though that is also inconvenient to do each time.

When you close your last Firefox window, a process may stay up to save a few things on disk, but it shouldn’t last more than a few seconds. If you “regularly” end with a long lasting zombie process, you should indeed look into it.

I’ve got your point though that is not the case. It only happens when there is an open Firefox window. When I close them as I said that issue does not happen.

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Also I know realized, and will updatethe original post as well. When I close to be able to oopen that inn app url and it opens in a browser with App name in menu as the first app but not browser even though I close that window or tab I opened the other web pages like this one I was browsing are still in a browser named after the first app, e.g. Slack. I woudl paste screenshot if this forum editor would allow that.
Now I am in a browser with everything but name , which is Slack.

And the link I was describing opening is the slacks login link that has to open in a browser even though I use desktop Slack app. But issue is general.

Also, please use more punctuation. You’re hard to follow… :writing_hand:

  1. I agree with @maycne.sonahoz Please try writing shorter sentences. :writing_hand:
  2. Does this problem also arise when you create a new user and log in there? (E.G. fselcukcan2)


  1. The process is hard to follow. I needed to concatenate a lot to form the user flow and side effects.
    I have shortened it a bit and threw commas here and there, well one sentence. :expressionless:

  2. I have not tried that yet but I can. But if outcome will be negative that should not the way I need to use the browser. It is not much convenient.

Please do and report back. It’s just to see whether this is a system issue or a user profile issue…


Naming of the browser app with app that has the links, e.g. Slack, does happen with Chromium as well.

By creating new user I guess you mean an operating system user. Is that right?

I have tried it. I have logged out off my operating system user and logged in as another user. The problem happens there too, with all details.

What if you run

firefox --safe-mode

Does it happen as well then?

Yes, it does.

Please follow below first:


Before reinstalling, It might be better to try going to about:support page and click Refresh Firefox
To reset Firefox without losing passwords, history and bookmarks

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:warning: Take a full cold system backup before continuing and only if the above fails.

I’m all out of bright ideas then, except to uninstall firefox with the --no-save option (clearing all configuration files)

pamac remove --no-save firefox*

delete any remaining files too:

find / -iname \*firefox\* -print

Change -print to -exec rm {} \; if you want to actually delete them.

Reinstall firefox:

pamac install firefox


I have tried that but it did not solve the issue. Thanks a lot. I will try the other thing next, later, and come back.

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Unfortunately I have installed another linux to try it out, not since there is something wrong with manjaro which is great. The point is I will not be able to try the above suggestion. Status of this OP is up to you fellow free softwarers, linuxer.
Greetings from yet another Linux distro.
Stay free!

This post will auto-close in 3 months, so when you come back to Manjaro, try out the above if it’s still happening…


Thanks a lot. I miss some aspects of Manjaro already. Great distro. I will try above.

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I am facing the same issue as fselcukcan. I can use firefox normally, but when another application tries to open firefox while it is already running (for example clicking a link in an email), I get the same error message. When Firefox is closed and an application tries to open it, there are no issues at all. I have tried this on a fully fresh install of manjaro-gnome. Help is apprechiated.

Actually, I want to get into more detail on the issue, because it is more nuanced:
When firefox is open and another application tries to open a website (for example clicking on a link in skype) then it works. BUT
It only works with the first application that tries to do this.
So, when I open firefox and then click on a link in skype and then on a link in discord, the first link opens, the second doesn’t. When I restart firfox and then click a link in discord, it opens, but when I then click a link in skype, it produces the error message.
Opening multiple links with the same application is possible.
Basically whichever application first addresses firefox will be the only application able to address firefox until a restart.