Monitor screen chooser appears many times while charging the notebook battery

Hello community,
I have a stupid but annoying issue while I’m charging the notebook battery.

I saw this issue some time ago on my wife pc, when I had manjaro plasma installed on it.
Now I reinstalled it on the notebook and the issue is still happening.

When I plug or unplug the AC power adapter on the notbook, the following screen select appears. Also while charging the battery it appears sometimes with no explainations about why it happens.

For some reasons, the system is as it feels that I attach an external monitor.

Is there any way to disable that monitor selector, please?

Thank you.!

Please read this:

because your screenshot is not showing up…


Hi Fabby,
sorry for posting images, I didn’t know that I cannot do that!

Here the screenshot of the window that appears to me many time while charging the battery:

Do you have any suggestion to disable the monitor selector, please?

Thank you.

Well, you’re a member now, so you should be able to: it’s just that your original screenshot lead nowhere, so I thought you were a basic user… :blush:

As to the screenshot itself: that looks like a hardware problem (stuck function key) and as you never posted an inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width, I don’t know what kind of hardware you have, but if you happen to have an Acer like me it’s Fn+F5 so try to unstick this key.


Hello, no stuck function key because it happens only while charging the battery.
My question is if there a way to disable that monitor chooser prompt, please?
I would disable it independently of the reason that leads to do that.

Thank you.

I don’t know how to do that…


I solved by going to System Settings > Shortcuts > KDE Daemon and disabling the shortcuts related to Switch Display (Display and Meta+P).
I don’t know why, but the PC calls one of that shortcut while charging the battery.
I’ll investigate which one is called by the PC…

I hope this could help someone that has this strange issue.

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I re-enabled the Meta+P shortcut and the switch display window didn’t re-appeared, so I guess that was the Display shortcut that with no reasons was called by the PC while charging the battery.

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