Pamac manager AUR problem: unable to build


i can’t install / remove / update a package on AUR via pacman-manager, i get the error: unable to build .
I can do all this via the command line using pacman eg. pacman build package name …

pacman doesn’t have any access to the AUR. You have to either use pamac or yay, and if you use pamac, then you must first explicitly enable AUR access.

Note: yay does not come installed by default. You have to install it first, with… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S yay

Sure, i have enabled aur via pacman manager GUI, initially I also installed some packages but now gives me that mistake

Did you mean pamac-manager? :wink:

Sorry I mean Pamac 10.2.2-5, unfortunately I was unable to attach an image to show it.


If i try to install:

to install

if i try to update:
to update

You should be able to access the build output with the bottom right arrow, it may give you more details on why the build fails.
Alternatively, you can build from CLI with pamac build <package_name> and get the same output.

ok, running pamac from command line gives me an error about certificates: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate.

I think it’s a git problem that doesn’t have the certificates.



to make the corporate gitlab work I had added the SSL certificate in my .gitconfig:

sslCAinfo = /home/kem1o/.company/company.crt

This broke Pamac, in fact taking it off Pamac works great.

Problem is, I can’t clone my corporate git projects.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? Is there a global directory of SSL certificates where I can add the corporate gitLab certificate, so that it is automatically read by git?

I solved.
inserting the single certificate in sslCAInfo git lost the reference of all other certificates (inside ca-bundle.crt).

I found 3 solutions:

  1. put my certificate inside ca-certificates.crt
  2. make a copy of ca-certificates.crt by entering my certificate and pointing it to sslCAInfo (into .gitconfig):
    sslCAInfo = /home/kem1o/allCerts.crt
  3. customize sslCAInfo (into .gitconfig):
    [http “”]
    sslCAInfo = /home/kem1o/.company/company.crt

I used n.3 and it works!


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