XFCE Status Tray Items single click open

Is there any way i can open for example: Discord with only one click instead of opening a menu?


For Discord this can be achieved by adding a launcher for a particular application in the panel. Just drag and drop it from menu to desktop and then to the panel. Checkout this video:

Sorry, i meant: “for example” but i… i dont know what i was thinking. Sorry.

So you mean i should just add a launcher? That could work, thanks.

But in that case i cant set an order for it and i have to hide discord on the top panel:

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What do you mean?

I cant paste photos or even links, i dont know why.

SO I want:
on system tray for example the discord ap:
When i click (left) on the discord app it shows me a menu, but i want it to “run” instantli.
The same goes with caprine.

Sorry for my bad english :c

AFAIK apps appear in system tray only when they are running. What’s wrong with pinning them in the panel instead :thinking:

AFAIK the trays are controlled by their respective applications. If an application don’t provide settings on how its tray behaves, i don’t think there is anything you can do.

  • open the start menu (I use whisker menu)
  • find your app
  • do not start it (left click)
  • instead, right click and choose “add to panel” from the context menu that pops up