"Sorry, you can't include links in your posts."

@cbDejaVu I believe in the good in people, yes there are a few who get carried away. But it is of my opinion that most users are sensible, nondestructive, rational human being,s. Sorry to hear you you feel differently. And yes the forum staff apparently are not payed, but it was there idea to take on the responsibility in the first place. Not easy but those are the the breaks. They can always step down if it becomes to harsh on them. I have been around the Manjaro forums since they began and quite honestly am tired of hearing how hard it is on staff.

And so to let you know: I believe in free speech as long as it does not impinge on another’s values. Good luck with anything that interests you!


Trouble is, not all are people. Some of these “spambots” are becoming quite effective at making a post which does look rather like it came from a Human Being.

The guard really can’t be dropped, especially as we go forward with “AI” and suchlike. :wink:

I’m also pretty sure that there are people being paid to put spam on forums. But I haven’t seen so much spam on this forum, so I guess the rules (and/or mods) are effective.

For your information I have been using Manjaro since 2013 and have been on the various forums for just as long. I reached the new “Trust Level 2/Member” the other day. It took me about 2 weeks and yes, it was very frustrating not being able to post links. I felt like my hands were tied and I didn’t like it at all

But 2 weeks of moderate forum use? C’mon, it’s not long in the scale of life really. As for my intentions, no I’ve no interest in becoming a moderator. I’ve been one before on a forum that dealt with outdoor pursuits (hiking, backpacking etc) and it was ok but it takes up a lot of time. That forum was pretty easy going as people just wanted to mention what they’d been up to mainly. This forum is friendly but people like to voice their opinions more so moderating must be harder. I think I’m too opinionated for the task and I don’t have the time either.

All I was talking about was the need for a bit of calm and patience on the users side and the need to listen to the users on the Manjaro team side. I know, that sounds like moderation in itself! :laughing:

I only once saw a suspicious post in the previous forum. Someone decided to start a topic that was promoting anti-vaxxer conspiracies. Nothing to do with Manjaro, Linux or computers. The mods took it down quite quickly.

It all starts again from the beginning. Dictatorial, like the old days here. And the funny thing is: linux-aarhus knows how to be more user friendly (from another forum :wink: ). Block me if you don’t like my statement, but you know it is so.


Was this really the way the old forum was set up? I don’t quite remember seeing any posts where people where using formatting such as forum[dot]manjaro[dot]org or some nonsense like that.

In fact, a quick perusal of the old forum, I found this thread where it seems like a brand new user was able to post a picture:

And this one where a seemingly new user posted a link:

So excuse my doubt that the forums would be a swamp of spam if it weren’t for these safeguards. Also, isn’t that what the “Flag” feature is for - so that people can help to notify mods of potential spam? Also, I find it hard to believe that in 2020, this is the only solution. Like as if email verification, captcha, and other technologies don’t exist to combat this sort of thing.

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Key in on the spammers and bots if that is the issue. But do not throw legitimate users into that pot and depress their free thinking and free speech. this in my opinion should be for all practical reasons open and fair. It is not. This Dicourse level crap as it is is right now, treats all users including yourself like some kind of child. It is clear to me they need to fix this forum and provide this service without bias and un-necessary hurdles to jump over. This is my belief and may not be yours.
I still have never seen you before, but I will take your word for it that you have been around as you so abundantly have made clear. Please have a nice day and be safe.


I do agree that a forum without Discourse would be nicer and fairer but I’m not that bothered personally. Every forum as far as I know has some rules of sorts. I think at the moment this one is in a rebuilding kind of state and things may change still, perhaps more to your liking, perhaps not. It’s good that you voice your opinions anyway.
I’m glad that you take my word about being a long-term user but if you still wish to check for peace of mind:

There’s not that much data left on the old archived forum but if you visit it and do a search for my name there are still a few old posts left on there going back to 2016. I’m pretty sure I must have posted several hundred times but they must have been lost in the crash sadly, along with lots of good knowledge posted by other users. Likewise best wishes and stay safe.

  • This tutorial now also includes how to post links (on top of how to post pictures):

    [HowTo] post screenshots and links

    And as it’s something only a human can understand, bots are automatically excluded. We’ll see what it does to human spammers and if that becomes a real problem, we’ll have to cross that bridge under heavy enemy fire… :fire: :bomb: :gun:

2. If everyone in this thread would read more questions and answers and tutorials in other parts of this forum (and come up with more solutions!) instead of bitching and whining, moaning, voicing their opinion how imperfect this forum is, they’d be TL2s already…

:innocent: :wink:


Perhaps mods should just remove the Feedback > Forum category if they don’t want to hear it. Unless they’re solely looking for positive feedback. :wink:


Same here. I’ve been a user of the old forum for a couple years and now I cannot even post my technical issue so that someone can help me. I don’t really want to complain since I get the point, but hey can I at least get a like or something so that I can earn trust and write a proper post? Thanks in advance, I will also try helping other to accelerate the process when I have the time


What exactly is preventing you from posting your “technical issue”. From the post you just made it seems like you have the ability to create a new post and put words in it to describe your problem.


Yeah but the perfect description to my issue is placed in two places: a reddit post and a kde bug report, both of which provide a lot of info that might be useful to the reader. Posting without those links can either result in a post with little info or a post in which I would need to spend a lot of time filtering and summarizing info from other sites when the most typical thing in any forum is to simply enter a given link to understand what the OP means. Sorry if I seem too lazy, it’s just much more practical to have links.


ok then read @Fabby post that they just made which explains EXACTLY how to do what you are asking to do at TL0 which means ANYONE can do it regardless of what their level is.


Before your message here, I had inserted your reddit link. I sometimes re-edit some first messages when it seems very appropriate and url was distorted (but you can insert url as CODE :wink: )

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He is just voicing his opinion and frustration. Quit trying to find fault with everybody who posts. Find someone else to be nasty to. Maybe try being kind and understanding a little.


Only the fewest can do that here …

As a answer comes only a :grin:

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