Change Alt+Tab behavior from switching windows to switching applications

I am new to Manjaro and XFCE. So far most of the things are working fine, but I struggle with the Alt+Tab behavior. Is there a way change it from cycling through windows to switching between applications like in Gnome?

Unfortunately I can’t post a picture or a link yet, but just remove the underscore to see an image of the gnome app switcher:

Welcome !

Thank you for your answer. While searching for an answer to my question I already found Skippy, but this is not what I am looking for.

due to the lack of permissions to post links or images here are is some ASCII (cough, cough) ‘art’.
{} indicates the focus, [] are for windows/applications.

Alt+Tab - now (you can cycle through the windows in one row):
[Thunderbird] {[Firefox 1]} [Firefox 2] [Emacs] [Inkscape 1] [Inkscape 2] [Firefox 3]

Skippy (all showing a preview and are arranged over the whole screen):
[Firefox 1] [Thunderbird] [Firefox 2]
[Emacs] [Inkscape 1] [Inkscape 2]
[Firefox 3]

What I want (applications in the first row, preview of the windows in the second row):
[Thunderbird] {[Firefox]} [Emacs] [Inkscape]
    {[Firefox 1]} [Firefox 2] [Firefox 3]

I hope this make things a bit clearer :slight_smile:
If not, feel free to take a look at the picture in the post above.

…try gnome then.

Tried it, wasn’t too happy with it, now I am here :slight_smile:

I am mean this is such a basic thing, which really helps productivity. I can’t believe that this doesn’t exist for XFCE…

Please read this:

Can’t help you there: it works seamlessly on KDE…