Cannot use link in my posts anymore : bug!

Ok, I got the point : it’s a new forum & I have a new account.
I dunno what my TL status was, but I know I had all permissions (& a fair quantity of contribs).

Now, I cannot add a link in my posts !!! Even a link to archived !!

[Edit] I cannot even embed a media !!!

Can this situation be processed ?

[Edit] I cannot anymore as with my new profile I already added links & images --> this is a bug !


Hi @nam1962, take a look at this Sorry, you can't embed media items in a post

Yes… and no ! I can’t even refer to this one if I use the other one.

BTW, I already added links & pictures from my new profile.

More than 10 days, more than 30 posts…

Again, this has to be solved !

Ok, I understand. Maybe you can PM a moderator? But be nice :wink:

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yes, you are not alone … already reported and not a bug but a new rule
for moments some user workaround is :sob: :
ht!tps:// (remove ! char) or this

ne panique pas mon ami, it’s for all TL1

I can add links again, as well as embed :partying_face:

I think: for TL1 you have a limited number of links and upload by day

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Uhhh ?
Edit what & how ?
Where is a chat ?

Sorry that was a response to papajoke. All good now: he’s right, I’m wrong.

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