How to set visualizer as background wallpaper in 'icons only task bar '

is it possible to place music visualizer on Dock as wallpaper like this as I shown down below (i edited this )Uploading: dock decorate.jpg…

Hi @venom,

I’m guessing it depends on the player you’re using and if it provides a widget for it. I do know that it’s not really something I’d use, because it, quite obviously, uses resources to do it. And I’m guessing it can be quite distracting.

Edit it again, so we can see that upload, or make use of a service like and share the link here.

i am using Panon widget visualizer .when I drag it to dock its not working properly i mean it becomes leggy and all icons in dock becoming smaller. To say this in one word it move to dock as application
and occupying large space

what I do now. it is not accepting any links or media files…it saying " Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.
Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts."

See this [HowTo] post screenshots and links and post as such till your trust level reaches the point when you can directly post links and screenshots.