Modify mouse bindings

If I have a mouse with two side buttons - which natively move backwards and forwards in browsers/file managers, how do I adjust those bindings to do something else? Say, for instance, to replicated the caps lock key, or backspace key?

system settings > hardware > input > mouse doesn’t have many options and nothing about customizing.

Hi @delphonso,

AFAIK from my own research and experience, that depends. You don’t give the mouse’s specifications, so all we can do is point you here, [HowTo] Provide System Information, if applicable here, [HowTo] post screenshots and links and advise you to see if your mouse is supported here Find parts.

I, myself, have a Corsair keyboard and Roccat mouse, and they work a charm! Albeit after some tweaking and a lot of research first.

Thanks, I was asking for a friend who was just curious about the prospect. A bit more googling showed that xmodmap might do the trick, as well as the application-specific functions you can attach to xinput. Though, yes, it seems to depend on the mouse and how the buttons are mapped.

Thanks anyway, probably could have done more research on my side before posting.