Can't continue the installation in the partition step

I’m reading others topics with conflicts in the installation but in my case the error -or maybe it’s my fault- occurs when I tried to replace the previous Manjaro in the boot,
(Imagine a screenshot with the pointer disabled for select the manjaro partition, I guess it’s ciphered and that’s why I need to delete and create it again)

And next, if I try to make a manual partitions, doesn’t allow me to continue the process
(Imagine a screenshot with the partition in EXT4 and the “Continue” button disabled, DISABLED )

So, here I am, I can’t install Manjaro again, and why I want to install it again?
Because Lenovo update the bios and crush my grub. The disaster.


Well thanks but the topic is about the impossibility of install x.x

There are new rules for make manual partitions? I make the same steps like before and the GUI doesn’t help me with the hints of error

I don’t know if someone else can install in an existing partitions

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