Trigger launcher on second screen but launch it on primary


I am using KDE Plasma on my main desktop PC and I am more than happy with it. Recenty I bought Asus zenbook duo so I decided to go with gnome or budgie distribution because of touchscreen support. Yesterday I installed gnome and I was really impressed with it’s functionallity until I decided to have dock at the bottom screen. Almost every time I launch something from the dock it shows in between of these screens or in the bottom one. Is there a way of restricting mutter to open windows on just one screen without creating rule for each one application? Or Is this easyer on budgie enviroment? I am not yet so familiar with budgie I tryed it just for a brief moment on live usb. So far I just figured out that I would need to have my bottom screen set as primary and open all windows on (bigger) secondary because budgie doesn’t support dock on both screens.

Here I would like to insert an image of my setup with manjaro gnome but I can not to do so. Probbably because I am new at the forum. EDIT:

I am looking forward to your replies. And also forgive me for my bad english :}

Hi @ryxwaer, and welcome!

While I use KDE, not Gnome, so won’t be able to help you, I can point you in this direction: How to provide good information and, if applicable, here: [HowTo] post screenshots and links

Hope you get it sorted!

Thanks for reply I edited the link. Hope I will find someone who is experienced in gnome / budgie here.