My laptop only loading but not screen on

is it a clean install, or it started to happen after the update or what?

all of a sudden it happened.

give your contact number please

so it was working normally until now? … did you updated your system? and what number?

It was working well till now suddenly only loading is happening now the screen is not turning on

so did you updated your system?
try entering into TTY with ctrl+alt+f2, if f2 doesnt work, try with f1-f6 instead

We’ll need more information than that…

Still long time loading is happening

Photos are not posting from this platform

take a picture of the screen and post it, i dont understand what you mean, and did you try entering into TTY as outlined above?

Please read the guides i linked you…

Photos are not posting from this platform so give your mail id that i can send you the video of my problem

what is meaning TTY?

im not giving you my email… in the screen you just press ctrl+alt+f2 if f2 doesnt work, try with f1-f6 instead
you can upload picture on some site and link it


not sending any link to this platform

A piece from the guide that was already referred above:

I just PM’d you with my phone number, home address, photo ID, and social security number. I hope it’s enough to get us closer to solving your problem. Let me know if you need my bank’s routing number as well. Whatever it takes to get your laptop screen working again. :vulcan_salute:


Look, he’s an MS agent. All he’ll try to pull you towards Windows, and trust me, when you get there you’re going to jump out that window!

Be aware…

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@mdhvaj000, soliciting private information on this forum is strictly forbidden . You have been given tips on how to post screenshots by the other participants on this thread, and there are ample venues where you can upload screenshots for free — one example would be, but there are yet plenty of others.

If you cannot be bothered following people’s advice, then please stop wasting their time, and if either I myself or any of the other staff members of this forum catch you at soliciting members’ private information again, then your account will be suspended.

I hope I’ve made myself sufficiently clear.

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A couple of things to try … shine a bright light at the screen to see if you can actually see anything; the backlight could have failed


if you have one, connect an external monitor. It’s quite common for the interconnect cable between the base and the monitor to fail with extended use (opening and closing the lid).