HP Pavillion DV6-7029wm Keyboard Layout

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I have tried several Linux distros (Mint, Ubuntu, Arco, Zorin) and finally found Manjaro that didn’t have a bunch of problems installing on this specific laptop. I have only had to install this version once. I was able to eliminate the errors (No irq handler for vector) and (Failed to start Load/save screen backlight brightness of backlight: acpi_video0). I was even able to add the Manjaro boot splash screen, and make a custom appearance splash screen…I think I am going to stick with this since it (mostly) works.

There is not option in the bios to set the keyboard, and I have tried both the LTS and latest kernel to resolve this issue.

The Fn of this keyboard works to activate the functions keys, so not pressing Fn activates the associated symbol. The volume +/- works with F9/F10, and decreasing the screen brightness works with F2, increasing the brightness with F3 does not and instead is linked to the Cancel action.

I see there is a layout listed for the DV5 version, but it did not have the num pad. The default reverts to the 104 layout that looks like a traditional desktop layout, but this keyboard only has 101 keys, and they layout doesn’t match what is listed in the preview, nor fix the F3 increasing the brightness issue.

So now I am trying to figure out how to add this model laptop’s keyboard layout to the list of available layouts but seem to be lost. I’m hoping someone has either done this already, or could help me with the exact document to follow to do this myself.

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www.us-keyboard dot com/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=1211&zenid=biluh9kgftpestolvhddmbset7

Replace “dot” with a period.

EDIT - so I was not able to get this issue resolved, come to work and booted it up, and poof it is working for some bloody reason…I did nothing else, it just started working.

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Please read this:

Therefore, I’ve closed this post as we’ll never find the actual source of the issue.


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