How to make youtube faster

Oh not a problem i tried to but got an error saying i could not

Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.

From what I can dig up on the interwebs this action is attempting to disable youtubes CDN … I am not entirely sure that will actually speed things up. But I guess you can give it a try.

What is the error? I cant magically know :wink:


Yes thats it to disable youtubes CDN. do you know anything that can make youtube load faster with a slow wifi please

The error says i can not include links in this post ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Try this:


Ohhhh ok thanks .thats great .

thankyou for explaining that

i will go back and learn how to use this forum thanks for your time .

The CDN are closer to you. Then youtube’s own servers.

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Thanks for your reply,what do you mean CDN are closer to me ?I am a newby to linux.

Oh thankyou .do you have any idea how i can get youtube to buffer faster please my wifi is slow as.

No, I haven’t a clue.

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Thanks anyway .

Keep in mind that blocking CDN’s without knowing what they are used for can disable you to view any video at all…
I therefor advice you to try to use some adblocker, which i asume is what you really intend to do.
There are many options to choose from, if you are a bit knowledgeable wrt computers in general you could use uMatrix in Firefox.
If you add “Decentraleyes” also in firefox, it will eliminate to download common code used on may websites, which will also make you use less bandwidth.

That is related to the quality of your video you watch so select a lower quality to view faster.


Great advice thankyou .ill just leave it alone i think .yes ive tried changing the quality .will try that add blocker .

Do youtube add ons work on firefox eg youtube download and ive seen others .I guess with a faster wifi no one has to worry about this

uMatrix which i mentioned above is not an adblocker.
It is a content blocker that you can use to block certain domains with, which as a result can function as an adblocker.
But it is more as just an adblocker :wink:

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Yes thanks i just had a look at it looks very tricky to use it .will look for a tutorial befor i add it .Thanks for your help

You can always start a new topic just for that, and mention my name using @ so i will get a notification.
I have been using uMatrix for a long time so i could help maybe…

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