Why do I can not upload images here?

I can’t upload images, I can’t paste links to images…
Why does this not work? Do I have not enough permissions? Without this functionality the forum is nearly useless, because many things are to hard to describe.

Images are useless - text carefully crafted to explain your issue is valuable - for those trying to help and for those after you. Text does not disappear when the forum breaks down images does.


This has been explained many times already ─ please use the search function of the forum.

In short, new members don’t have that ability for security reasons. We do get many new member registrations who only join up here with the intent of spamming. You need to attain a higher trust level before you get that ability. Stick around, read some threads, and you’ll soon enough reach a higher trust level.

P.S.: You also posted this thread to the wrong category. Your question has nothing to do with KDE Plasma.


Topic closed as this has been asked and explained a multitude of times.

Answers can be found by searching.

New users cannot post images or links.

Please read this: