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We have REL 7.8 and REL 7.5 and one of my users wants to see his “File Manager” folder icon on his REL 7.8 machine look like a ‘folder’ icon and not a ‘file’ icon. On my REL 7.5 host, my “File Manager” icon does display a ‘folder’ icon.

REL 7.8 - Thunar 1.6.16
REL 7.5 - Thunar 1.6.11

Any way to change the icons? It’s trivial but my user states it really bothers him.

Thanks in advance.

Which icon, specifically?

  • The one in the launcher / Whisker menu?
  • The one in the panel launcher?
  • The one in the title bar / task bar?

All should use the icons as defined in the selected theme ; and the first two can be individually changed, from menulibre and the launcher’s properties respectively.

I’m not able to upload a ‘jpg’ to show which icon but basically when open “File Manager” from the ‘Applications’ it pops up my /home/dir/ and the icons are displayed. Hope this helps. Thanks again.

But from the description, i’d say it’s the first option.

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Thanks @maycne.sonahoz !

Oh ok, that is weird indeed.

Well, i don’t know enough about Thunar to tell where to look. The only idea i have is to try changing / reinstalling the icon theme, or try another file manager like pcmanfm to check whether it’s an application issue or a theme issue.

I’m not familiar with Thunar neither, but both gnome “files” and KDE “Dolphin”’ allow you to set individual folder icons.

  • Gnome: Right-click and set a custom folder icon from anywhere (usually /usr/share/pixmaps)
  • KDE: ensure the folder contains at least one .png or .jpg file and the folder will display that icon.

E.G. My logs directory below contains a CD icon on top of the logs themselves:

Or am I misunderstanding your need?


Is this just as simple as: In Thunar:

View- List View or Icon View or Compact View?

Almost the same. The folder icon for /home/fab-user look like a folder whereas the folder icon is not displayed for my user (looks more like file).

I would also like to know how Change the folder icons in your home directory.

This looks similar to your issue.