How can I change my terminal?

Firstly, apologies as I dont know if Ive put this in the right place, but I want to change my terminal to be like the one you would find on Linux Mint as an example rather than this weird one that Manjaro Xcfe has.
Ive run this code " sudo pacman -S dconf-editor" in my terminal and it downloaded something and then I was supposed to look in ‘org…’ and so on but Ive no idea where that is and I have of course looked in my directory.


This is the right place for asking your manjaro/linux related queries!

Do you want to change the terminal theme or the terminal emulator itself? Manjaro xfce uses xfce4-terminal whereas linux mint uses mate-terminal as well as the xfce one depending upon the desktop environment.

To change the default terminal application to your preferred one, go to settings → default applications.

Thanks for your reply!

To be honest, Im not sure if it would be a theme or a new terminal. Im after something that is closer to Mint or even Windows terminal in respect to appearance. I did try putting a link to a Google image of what I mean but apparently I cannot haha. I dont seem to have any other terminals built in to my distro.

What edition of Mint?

Manjaro Xfce uses xfce4-terminal by default - and so does Mint Xfce.

Mint Cinnamon likely uses Gnome-terminal, since Cinnamon is an adapted Gnome. But I don’t know that.

The two can look as you like - both highly configurable and no major difference in how they look by default.

If it is just about looks, there is no need to install another terminal app.

Is a GUI tool for configuring dconf settings.
It is not a terminal.

Though you can pass dconf commands to a terminal instead of using dconf-editor.

For a new terminal instead of the default xfce one then you must install one and set it as default as already mentioned by @ishaan2479. Though it doesnt sound like you have much reason to do so.

Are you looking for where is dconf-editor?

Go to xfce menu > configuration manager > in the next window scroll to the bottom, in OTHERS: dconf-editor

It is not like in cinnanmon but like in mint-xfce has its own options window