Manjaro Neon Red Dragons Wallpaper?

Hello everyone. I have been using the same Manjaro wallpaper for years and I’m surprised to find that the only place I had it saved was when I shared it in the old forum. Now that we have the new forum I’m unable to get to the old thread where I shared it which was called Manjaro neon red dragons. Is there any way I could possibly get that wallpaper back? I can’t believe I didn’t save it anywhere else but I really didn’t and I thought it would be there forever in the old forum. Any help from anyone would be appreciated if anyone might have that wallpaper. It was black with the two Red Dragons facing each other and it rocked.

old forum is at … but the problem is that many images and things were lost.
good luck.


Yup. I guess its gone. Crushing. It was like my trademark.
(I tried to put a screenshot of the empty picture but the new forum says I can’t put media objects in my post. Strange.)

Here is what it looked like. If anyone might have a copy, please, please share.

And now it’s telling me I can’t even post links to my YouTube video. This was my first post in the new forum and I sure miss the old one.

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Only size I could find, you’ll have to stretch it.

Manjaro Neon Red Dragons

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I did a quick thing:


Yeah, i saw that one. Thats not it though.

Refine the search using @username plus wallpaper - only two results - one of them?

The most severe consequence of the forum breakdown was - all uploaded graphics - at least their relations to a given comment - was lost.

So unless you actually shared a link to some obscure internet server - then every image is lost.

I did another …

If you find the one you want or a reference then maybe I can help a bit more.

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Man!! I was thinking about trying to figure out gimp!! Look…I screenshotted this from an old youtube video.


But it should be quite a bit smaller…with more black area on the 4 edges…

Like in this video… (DELETED)

If you have time…no hurry…I’ve got this one for now…Thanks so much in advance if you can find the time, @cscs.


It would sure be nice if it would let you know you can’t send pictures or links before you got everything ready to send. How do you shoot PM’s in this NEW FORUM? And why did we get a new forum when we already had the best forum in all of Linux…
No PM’s I presume?

Guess I’m off to learn Gimp…Blah.

and Congratulations on making the Manjaro Team, @cscs!!!

Hello. That’s old news by now. Please read the following to bring you up-to-date:


Okay, here’s the scoop. I screenshotted the wallpaper from an old youtube video I had uploaded. With Gimp, I added black borders to replace the black areas that I lost from my panel, widget and icons being cropped out. I then cropped out the bottom border and
used imagemagick to resize it to 1280x720. The result was hard to tell from the original, and I went immediately to MediaFire to back it up. I decided to save to Mega as well for extra protection and accidentally clicked a wrong folder and THERE was the original (actually a screenshot remake of the original that I made years ago when the original stopped being seen by Manjaro as a proper wallpaper file.) So I have it back and will try to remember to share it if I’m ever allowed to share links or images again. Thanks, guys, for the help.

Yay. I’ve attained trust level 1. Here’s the one I like so much.

Interesting… It’s a .png taken with the Xfce4 Screenshooter. Let’s see if my computer can send it. Yup…That got it.

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