2 displays problem

I have 2 monitors connected, otherwise they work fine except when I want to keep my secondary monitor turned off in between. My annoyance is when the screen appears in the settings with the number 1 and thus the login screen also comes into it. My system is Manjaro gnome 21. something and gnome 40.3.0 … Monitors again VGA (Toshiba Matsuhita display 22 “) and DVI (Hewlet Packard 20”) and video card radeon HD 4340 (to remember :)). If that screen is off, then the login window will not appear :(. However, if I have 1 screen specified in the settings and I use that screen on and I turn on the machine then the screen will kind of turn off when the login is complete. linux mint also has that opportunity … Is that an opportunity in Manjaro?

Hi @masupa,

I doubt whether I’ll be able to help you, but regardless, please see:

It’ll be necessary for anyone to be able to assist you.

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