Washed out recording output with Nvidia and KDE plasma


I am trying to record my KDE plasma desktop with OBS and Nvidia 970 with the latest driver installed. For some reasons I get a little bit washed out recordings which does not look good.
Some information:

Kernel: 5.10.60-1-MANJARO
KDE: 5.22.4
Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Graphics Platform: X11
Monitor: BenQ EW2770 (2560x1440)

I know it may not be as sharp as an actual desktop or screenshot but still could be better.

I have played around with different settings from OBS, Nvidia and there is no improvements. I have concluded it is related to Nvidia but I don’t know how to make it record sharp videos.
I have another laptop with Intel 620 card on it and it does record sharp videos.

Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.
Please ask if I missed sharing any information.

Thank you

Screenshots https://cloud.swatian.com/s/3piCjSnqR67M8HD

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Thank you, I have edited the OP.