Failing to boot

Hi guys,

I have done fresh install of manjaro deepin, updated, booted in for first time - everything worked fine. Now on a second boot after full update i got this

And machine freezes here. I don’t think this is related to hardware, I have manjaro kde on other partition and no problems booting.

Kernel 5.13.15
Fallback mode is with the same problem

Any help please?


Nvidia driver updates (?) may cause this type of issue with lightdm or xorg.

In your case I would study content of




Sometimes it helps to reinstall xorg by

sudo pacman -Syu xorg

from a chroot environment.

Thank you for your response.
I’m not very competent in that, but log says, it couldn’t find screen - can that be the case?
That’s the fragment:

I’ll try to reintstall xorg the other day.


There is a “mismatch” between what’s defined in the config files (in /etc/X11/) and what’s currently present.

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