How do get graceful retry for bad/wrong password entry at disk decryption during boot?

tl;dr anyone know how (both before and after install) one can setup more graceful retry (rather than falling into grub rescue when password is mistyped?

As reported here I frequently run into the following grub flow whenever I mistype my password:

Attempting to decrypt master key...
Enter passphrase for hd2,gpt2(...long-hex-string...):
error: access denied.
error: no such cryptodisk found.
error: disk 'cryptouuid/...long-hex-string...' not found.
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

However, Manjaro’s the first place I’ve seen this happen. All other distros I’ve installed (entirely via GUI - not doing anything too “advanced” I don’t think - just always choosing encryption of my full disk): I encounter some sort of UX that allows me to try again rather than dropping me to a grub rescue> prompt. Is there a way to get this (nicer “retry UX”) behavior with Manjaro? I’m interested in both after-the-fact (I’ve already installed, now how do I get said behavior) and before-hand (I’m about to install, what do I do in the installation UI to ensure I’ll be configured with said retry behavior).

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Also, I’d be happy to hear that others do not get this behavior for their disk-encrypted installs, in which case this means I just clicked the wrong thing at some point during my install :slight_smile: (which at least gives me a lead)

With these other distros, did they create a separate /boot partition? or was the only thing non-encrypted your EFI system partition?

The prompt you’re seeing (to input your LUKS passphrase) is a rudimentary method from the EFI executable itself.

The former method of using full-disk encryption would leave a small separate non-encrypted /boot/ partition where the kernel and initramfs would live, which would be used to prompt for your LUKS passphrase to later unlock the root partition. (Failed passphrases would re-prompt you a few more times before aborting.)

A workaround for the moment, provided by the Arch Wiki:

I haven’t tried this yet myself, and I’m not sure if it works for all distros or versions of LUKS.


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