Fresh install with local build of ungoogled-chromium

Fresh install with ungoogled chromium from AUR gave me this.

"dear chrome user

You’re the lucky one etc.

I cannot attach the screen shot for some reson.
Anyways, the AUR for ungoogled chromium which i spent the last 4 hours compiling is full of shit.
Guess I’ll find another distro.

Manjaro does not control the AUR.

The AUR is, as the name suggests, the Arch User Repository. Meaning any user can upload/publish a package build files there.

PS: No one else has posted about this on the AUR page, so either you are the only one using the package, or your issue is because of something else.

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That has nothing to do with the AUR package.

Use an ad blocker extension like uBlock Origin or AdGuard.


Sorry for repeating what has been posted before but:

That’s like changing cars because your phone’s GPS is not working correctly…


So if you have an issue with something in the AUR, please be more specific and we’ll help you solve the issue!

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We don’t need screen shots - we need members which know how to express themselves using the keyboard. Solutions often present themselves out of the blue - when you take the time to put words on your problem.

PKGBUILD from AUR is your own responsibility.

Use the AUR at your own risk! No support will be provided by the Manjaro team for any issues that may arise relating to software installations from the AUR. When Manjaro is updated, AUR packages might stop working. This is not a Manjaro issue - Arch User Repository - Manjaro

Manjaro does not decide whether you should use any given software or not.

So when you deliberately choose to compile ungoogled-chromium using a PKGBUILD it is your responsibility. You will have to verify the validity of the scripts before throwing an unknown application onto your system.

Chromium is in the repo as a binary package.

On an afterthought - I highly doubt there is any malware with ungoogled chromium - just check the comments on and the issue-tracker at github GitHub - ungoogled-software/ungoogled-chromium-archlinux: Arch Linux packaging for ungoogled-chromium

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