[HowTo] Post screenshots and links

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

You’ve probably been sent here by a more experienced user because you cannot post links nor screenshots :sob: so please follow the simple instructions of this tutorial below to allow you to post both screenshots and links in any post and have a short explanation of why you can’t do this easily… :+1: :innocent:

If you’re reading this in response to a question, please click the green link above this text to bring you to the full unabridged text of the tutorial itself.

If you can read this line, you’re already where you’re supposed to be! :+1:

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On this forum here you need to have Trust Level 1 (=TL1) to be able to post screenshots and links in-line.

That's dumb! Why is that?

Well, that’s because on our old forum we got tons of screenshots of text, links to SPAM, PR0N and other things you don’t want on a forum, so all the new users are prohibited from posting links and pics because of a few bad actors. :sob:


How to post links:

  • Precede the link with a back tick ` and end it with another back tick like this:


  • That’s it! You now have a (non-clickable) link that the experts here can right-click on and open in a new tab.

How to post screenshots:

Please adhere to the following rules when posting a screenshot:

  1. Please, don’t post screenshots of text!
    1.1. Definitely don’t post screenshots of text!
    1.2. Even when posting screenshots of text is easier than posting text, only Rule 1. :arrow_up: applies! :innocent: :wink:
    1.3. Shooting a photo from your screen with your phone/digital camera is by definition a screenshot so Rule 1. :arrow_up: applies here as well! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Why the @#%* can't I post screenshots of text?

    It’s easy:

    • A picture doesn’t tell us if you’re using spaces or non-breaking spaces
    • you post a screenshot once, but it gets read many times
    • text makes it easier for all the people that are trying to help you to use some google-foo to help you without having to type the text that you did not type just once.
      So the really busy, really knowledgeable people see a screenshot of text and move onto the next question instead of helping you. :sob:
    • It costs the Manjaro Team a fraction of the $$$ to store text whereas full-size screenshots take up much more space (and thus $$$) :money_with_wings:
    • How to post text (I.E. from a terminal):
      • Edit your post
      • Type 3 backticks ```
      • Copy the text from the terminal
      • Paste it in your post below the 3 backticks
      • Type yet again 3 backticks
      • Continue typing normally if you need to type more text, so your post looks like this:
        My flux capacitor is discharging at an alarming rate!
        sudo flux-info
        --- FLUX 1.3.1 --------------------------------------------
        fluxacpi    = inactive 
        +++ Flux Capacitor Status: FLUX0
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/manufacturer                   = OEM
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/model_name                     = BTTF2
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/energy_full_design             =  10 [MegaCochranes]
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/energy_full                    =   9 [MegaCochranes]
        /sys/class/power_supply/FLUX0/energy_discharche              = 385 [KiloCochranes]
        +++ Flux Capacitor Features: Charge Thresholds and Recalibrate
        What should I do now?
  2. Only post screenshots when someone is asking you to post a screenshot!


    This one is easy: it’s much more efficient to be reading:
    When I’m going to System Settings Fonts Font Management, the fonts don’t render in the preview window.
    than to look at three huge screenshots! (Again: Please help us help you!) :+1:

    Exceptions: When does it make sense?
    • When you want to show a graphical error, describe it with text, thus making it searchable and then post a screenshot.
    • If a GUI element doesn’t have a text name or label.
  3. Please make a screenshot of the relevant portion of the screen only!
    (I.E.: don’t post a screenshot of the entire desktop to say that you have a minuscule button in the lower right edge of the screen that is turning red: take a screenshot of the relevant part only!) :innocent:

  4. Make your screen shot and save it locally

    How do I do that?

    That depends on your Desktop Environment: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  5. Go to https://paste.pics/

  6. Click the Browse button

  7. Browse to your screenshot and click on it

  8. Press the Open button

  9. Copy the URL!
    (It’ll look like this: https://paste.pics/b03cd32463532de2ddfe4a1d82adc218)

  10. Paste this URL into your question / response using the methodology for posting links described above:


    (So please don’t forget to precede and end this URL with a ` )

That’s it! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


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Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post
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Latte Dock very buggy and not working
Any possible fix to bluetooth dongle workaround error?
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Bluetooth Lautsprecher plötzlich unsichtbar
Inactive sound card
[Testing Update] 2021-11-27 - Kernels, ICU 70.1, Virtualbox 6.1.30, LibreOffice 7.2.3
I'm not really sure how to fix problem with my GPUs
How to set visualizer as background wallpaper in 'icons only task bar '
System lag and slow rendering on both primary and external monitors when run on NVIDIA card
Trouble seeing the internet on my mac
XFCE Panel Status Tray Menu Location, still unresolved
Yakuake does not work in the new version of the system
Mediatek WI-FI mt7921
Setting timeout for bluetooth controller
Ssh does not work, but putty does?
File Transfers Slow Using Manjaro KDE Linux Compared To Windows
Manjaro not showing login icon after latest update
VeraCrypt won't show my encrypted USB drive
Network interfaces - info center only shows lo interfaces
Airpods pro low volume (applied fix but needs re-pairing)
[Add Mirror] New mirror in South Korea
Intermittent Internet Access
Gnome Display Manager Doesn’t Start
KDE plasma not launching after installing Nvidia proprietary driver
/@/boot/vmlinuz-5.10-x86_64’ not found
Buggy wifi in Manjaro KDE
Computer/manjaro not picking up webcam on laptop, have tried kamoso and guvcview
Not able to reset root password
How can run vpn-unlimited?
Manjaro without grub?!
New Install, dual display but not working correctly
Prompted with a file cleaning command when trying to boot?
Login doesn't work after waking up from suspend manjaro Qonos version
Second Monitor problem
Unable to boot back to windows and error while installing Manjaro
Unknown File system, entering resume mode
MPV: VT_GETMODE failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device. Failed to setup EGL
Second Monitor gone after initial setup from bootable pendrive
Pc not booting [input not supported]
How to turn on Bluetooth on Manjaro?
CPU frequently rises to 100% and keeps slowing down
Can't suspend or hibernate system
Blue screen flashes with Manjaro KDE
Black screen after booting and logging in
Suspend problems with LPSS on Alder Lake CPU
Password of the user only works for initial log in and then it changes
Stuck in fsck after update
WiFi is delayed in KDE
System freezes when using prime
Noob Trying Manjaro - Broadcom BCM43142 Wifi Not Working
Weird Screen after plugging in charger on low battery
XFCE Status Tray Items single click open
Very low resolution in gtk applications on KDE
WiFi suddenly gets slow / after reconnect its fast again
Sound Issue - Dummy Output
Sound Issue - Dummy Output
Issues with QGeeM USB 3.0 adapter
New user, stuck in bios after trying to install Nvidia drivers
New user, stuck in bios after trying to install Nvidia drivers
New user, stuck in bios after trying to install Nvidia drivers
System mouse and Bluetooth do not work
Intel Wifi card is not detected after Suspend crash (manjaro windows 10 dual boot)
Black Kde Screen
Fslint-gui searches do not work
No Wifi Connenctions Available
Wired Connection Keeps Deactivating
Icons for certain programs not appearing after install in the KDE menu
Keyboard key (layout) issues - Coolermaster Devastator 3
Gnome Shell doesn't start sometimes
Error while unzipping a file. "failed to make - directory"
Resolution for 2nd Monitor via HDMI
Black screen when playing Garry's Mod
GUI login fails for new installation
Internet Connection breaks up regularly
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Dual GPU not working
CUPS: Unable to create PPD file
Audio crackles when changing volume (Pulseaudio)
No Mic Input from my G935
Attempting to reinstall Manjaro on an existing dual boot setup (Manjaro/Windows). Please help to clarify my doubts
PCM2902 Audio Codec USB mic not working
Unable to connect to wifi after update. Ethernet works fine
Laptop cpu is overheating
Red curtain of death after battery died
I can't close my computer
Problem with the graphics in Manjaro of my laptop lenovo z50
Keyboard not working on Asus Vivobook S 15 OLED K3502ZA
Lost Wifi Capabilities overnight
Is my cpu that bad
Screen Brightness Changing Randomly
Tweak Manjaro to run faster than WIN10
A faliure occurred when I try to install chromium-wayland-vaapi
Color management
Only an external monitor is detected on Laptop after Update (NVIDIA)
Slow graphics issues after update 2022/06/12. Perhaps NVIDIA driver related
My laptop only loading but not screen on
Sound not working Only Dummy output
Did brightness depends from graphics cards?
My laptop's ui is way too small
I can't execute prime-run
Bluetooth adapter not found problem
Cant put Scale in 200%
Need some help updating the OS and Uninstalling an app
Four applications stopped working
Media keys on lenovo keyboard SK-8823 stopped working
Serious wifi issues
VIM3 Manjaro 22 - Just Stops
Wine is not working on Manjaro linux KDE Plasma
System frequent freezes
Games freezes mid game along with display and few applications
Screen Rendering issue
Monitor not detected anymore after system/packages update
After installation I can only see one partition and its a read only
Cannot connect using bluetooth after swapping motherboard
Unable to write to non-system drives
Multiple Issues when installing manjaro with KDE Plasma as Dual Boot
Stable update is breaking my wireless connection
No wifi since change to iwctl
(given up for now) Need assistance with Nvidia Multihead monitor config
Team Viewer / Anydesk problems
Mouse and keyboard not responding on laptop
System won't start after Manjaro update
NetworkManager: no secrets: No agents were available for this request
No wifi available on plasma kde
Can't connect to wifi
Second Partition filling up Root Partition
Over 250GB available BUT not enough space error
Matlab install issues
Buzzing noise from speakers when using external sound card
Manjaro GNOME, "Activities" not response at initial, after search something works again
Lutris and GPU drivers
Manjaro loads the graphical installer but freezes within the first second
Laptop doesn't conect to wifi after suspending
Battery status and icon missing
Manjaro won't boot after update, Nvidia problems
Cannot connect to LAN/Wifi after system wakes from suspended state
Windows Manjaro and grub boot fail
My dgpu is recognized on vulkan games but aint recognized on opengl
Can't boot when the power cable is not plugged in
How to make TP-Link Archer T3U work?
ProtonVPN " Unknown error occurred"
GNOME 42 broke my Bluetooth
Wirelesss mouse not working
Bug after update
Since Stable update 2022-07-18 & 2022-07-12, my system has high IO lag for first operations
Wifi Device not found
How to put my desktop on windows-like sleep mode?
Trying to get my GPU to work
Black screen after latest update on linux 515
Fans keep spinning for no apparent reason
Unable to respond to a message
ELAN Touchpad not working in KDE
Dual display mixed up with last update - Same ID
Brightness at 100 but screen is very dim
Chromium file dialog is not using the default file manager (revisited)
[HowTo] Improve hybrid NVIDIA graphics performance on GNOME
Not booting after an update (getting stuck/frozen at /dev/nvme0n1p2 clean ... files, x/x blocks))
Freecad UI broken
My rtl8812au isnt working
Restart instead of shutdown manjaro
Wlan Stick Support
Support Kde plasma. please)
Black bar in desktop(Reboot not removing it)
Control Keys Not Working
Wifi disapeared after downgrading the kernel
XFCE Bluetooth drivers
Stuck on clean... files... blocks on boot
Pamac has fewer packages to update than CLI pacman
Calamares fails due to error concerning the EFI
Fails to install bootloader
Kernel panic after update 2022-11-14
Error when install barracudavpn client
Kwin_x11 use 99% of cpu
LUKS encrypted install fails to boot (grub) after update
Dual monitor - acting like a single monitor
Keyboard not working on Asus Vivobook S 15 OLED K3502ZA
My camera drivers not working
Problems using dual monitors in Manjaro
Windows 10 does not boot after installing Manjaro
Cybereason icon just appeared on status bar
[HowTo] Request support
Disabling touch pad does nothing. Stays active
ZFS, accessing harddrives
Broadcom 4360 wifi issue on MacBook Air 2013
Apps Locking Up
The longest surviving rolling installation of Manjaro? (a contest of sorts :)) )
Grub is not working on boot
Where to report malware?
WiFi on my HP laptop is very slow and ocasionally drops out
How to solve occasionally getting logged out and black screen appears. I can log into it but GUI doesn't show up only in terminal
Not able to access other hdd partitions
Manjaro froze to black screen
Resolution sometimes gets set to 1024x768
ERROR: A failure occurred in build()
Broadcom Wifi Driver missing after Kernel 6.0 update
Error when installing hydra
Newbie hardware issues
Unable to bring up the WiFi up after upgrading to 5.19 kernel
Luks encrypted root partition won't boot
External devices won't mount
GTX 960 DP output not working properly on latest proprietary driver
Wifi problems after latest testing updates
Recovery from kernel update failure
Problem with shutting down/rebooting
Manjaro fail to install
Unable to boot to manjaro (complete noob) been using it for a 3 months and out of nowhere this shows up
Toolbar battery icon colour missing?
Hi, I have a notification by 493 updates, and when a try it, the system says, "Fallo al preparar la transacción, base de datos no valida o dañada"
New Broadcom board slow wifi
Problem is: No WiFi adapter found
Severe problems in Manjaro KDE on a laptop
Slow start up/boot time
My computer doesn't boot up
Plasma cannot start after solve NVIDIA drivers
Wine doesn't start application
Need help with the graphics driver
[Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411] Can't see wifi connections after manjaro installation
SSH client side connection error
Manjaro is „slow“ and how to know if i shall download the new kernel
Manjaro not booting after fresh dual boot installation
Manjaro is „slow“ and how to know if i shall download the new kernel
KDE Plasma 5.26.3 Frameworks version 5.99.0 - missing application & System tray icons - fresh install
Slow boot times on Manjaro Kde
Manjaro is „slow“ and how to know if i shall download the new kernel
Boot options that I add are removed on restart
Minimized apps just disappear
I3wm first install no audio
My Manjaro won't boot anymore and I get this message: error file /boot/vmlinuz-6.0-x86_64 not found
Some RAM Problem using kde plasma
WiFi Driver Gets Removed After Every Update
After update, my external monitor doesn't get signal
I cannot get Manjaro LIVE CD to boot
How to increase the system-tray space among icons?
Network usb adapter not working even after installiing rtl8188gu-dkms-git
Password sometimes wrong
Disk full - how to find out why?
I Can't update nordpass-bin
MSI Modern 14 with Ryzen 5 4500U touchpad detected but not working
What is the recommended way of starting an app after log-in?
Rendering issues with Times New Roman and diacritics
Changing right-aligned Task Manager icon size
Virtualbox transparency issue
Can't enable bluetooth - Manjaro XFCE dual-boot with Windows 11
Desktop environment does not start on load. I have to run startx every time
Odd booting Behaviour/Boot Lottery On HP Elitebook 735
Can't get past splash screen on live usb
Linux keeps turning screen off after a couple of seconds, it's like a loop, go to the post 6 and look for the video link
Manjaro XFCE suddenly freezes after last update
Manjaro stuck on boot screen
Wifi dongle halts the system
I'm trying to configure a new wifi adapter and it came with a cd to install the driver and I can't seem to get it to run the cd
Grub showing multiple instances of Manjaro all on same drive
Nvidia dGPU not recognised by the bios and the OS (X13 2021, Manjaro (Sway) , Kernel 6.04)
Realtek RTL8188FTV 802.11b/g/n 1T1R 2.4G WLAN Adapter type: USB no Wi-Fi adaptor found
Wifi Card not showing up in system after rebooting cant activate special wifi on touch button on laptop
Error download visual studio code
GNOME Manjaro no sound at all
Steam - disk read error
I can't start tor
Manjaro stuck at 60hz
Can't load graphical environment after (stupidly) removing linux519-nvidia, as it was preventing the OS update. Can't reinstall it because it 'does not exist' anymore
Cinnamon Desktop Forgets Display Settings
Sshd not starting after update
How to disable annoying pop-up when arranging desktop icons?
Conan Exiles doesn't work anymore
Manjaro doesn't recognize both bluetooth and wifi on chipset b650 ryzen9 7950x/
Laptop's performances are low considering that it's running Manjaro
Network issue , When wifi and bluetooth simultaneously connected
Slow boot time/restart
ASUS AMD Radeon R9 290 OC Vertical stripes and freezing(elpida memory)
Headset only available for one account at a time
Can't open a file with default wine application by double clicking
Kernel5.14 rc6 - ath11k on QCA6390 regression - mhi probe failure
Screen going crazy - (hue and saturation?) post installation
[2021-02-09 update] Black screen after login
2 displays problem
Night light not working since last update - Manjaro GNOME - Testing Branch
Lag after installing WIFI drivers?
Raze crashes on manjaro

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