[HowTo] Find system information

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Rather than providing the commercial reference of a computer or piece of hardware, it is usually better to directly ask the system to describe itself. On top of saving time to everyone, this also often provides more details, including something specific to the running system.

Below is a (not exhaustive) list of commands for retrieving system information.
:star: If you don’t know how to use those commands, or how to provide them to support, see: [HowTo] Use the terminal / TTY
:star: If you can’t access your system like usual, see: [HowTo] Reach a minimal system
:warning: Remember to use formatting when providing the result in the forum!

Global information

:star2: This is the main source of information to provide for support.

inxi -v7azy

Specific information

The commands below provide detailed information for specific cases.


mhwd -li
mhwd -l


mhwd-kernel -li

Manjaro Version

lsb_release -sirc


lsblk -fa
LANG=C sudo parted -l



Software locations

echo $PATH

Sound Devices

aplay -L

Storage usage

LANG=C df -h

System Monitoring

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I added some more.

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I’d rather keep commands about logs outside though, since those are more relevant to finding errors than the system itself.