Can't boot Manjaro after resetting BIOS


I have a maybe basic problem for which I can’t find the right solution. I dualbooted Manjaro on my Thinkpad and everything ran fine. But the usage of VMs led to an issue with my display. This is why I reseted the BIOS as this was the way sad by the Lenovo support.
Now I can’t access my trusty Manjaro Partion anymore. I tried with the boot USB, but I can’t find a setting to get to my existing partition. To be honest I have no clue if grub runs anymore and I don’t know how to find out.

you dualbooted with windows? if you then reseted bios, youll need to disable secure boot and set other bios settings like: disable RAID, enable AHCI…


Can you provide your system information from the liveUSB?

You probably need to reinstall GRUB too if your BIOS can not see Manjaro anymore (either from the real system or live USB).

If from a live USB you see the option to Detect other OS or something similar, try it, and then boot your Manjaro from there and reinstall GRUB from the terminal. If it doesn’t detect your Manjaro installation, maybe it is related to problematic BIOS setting, or your Manjaro installation has a real issue or doesn’t exist anymore (not sure what you actually did when you ‘reset’ the computer). Also make sure you boot the USB in UEFI or LEGACY mode depending on how you installed Manjaro, if Manjaro is installed in UEFI mode, then boot the USB in UEFI mode too.

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You can also use Maxi

to collect information about the boot process. This works,

  • when you are in your running system (with CTRL+ALT+F2).
  • And also in a live environment

It will show Boot-variables in UEFI, and partitions on disk, kernel, grub …

I have the option detect EFI bootloaders, where I can see (…)/efi/Manjaro7grubx64.efi and can access the grub Commadline in my Usb Boot. If I enter on the Manjaro efi the screen turns dark and nothin happens…

Yes I dualbooted with windows. I disabled Secure Boot and everything. I could also override my existing Partition, but I rather keep my data

dont need to override anything… just enable efi in your bios and try to boot into manjaro … if youre not able to do, youll need to boot into liveusb of manjaro and chroot and update grub

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