Glitches in screen while scrolling or dragging

Hey yall,

I recently jumped onto the Linux train as a daily driver and its been a fun but educational experience. A month ago I was blindly using windows and now my mind has been opened to all the crazy cool possibilities and customizations. Its been interesting learning new computer skills and I really enjoy trying to do as much as I can from the terminal.

My problem lately has been getting what looks like waves in the browser window when I scroll with my mouse scroll wheel. Also I get some glitches when I drag a window around. It seem to only happen on gpu accelerated programs, so I am thinking its a gpu driver issue. Unfortunately, I bought my computer before I escaped the matrix so yea, I do have an awful nvidia gpu. My rigs components are as follows.

  • intel i7 9th gen
  • evga 1070
  • 32g ram
  • Aorus Z370 gaming 5
  • 500g nvme as boot drive
  • 500g sata as extra space
  • Manjaro with minimal Gnome but using I3-gaps session (no picom or transparency/blur)
  • 32’ monitor 1080p 75 hz

Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix the problem? I’ve tried looking around on other threads but my technical skills are lacking. The most I can do without copy pasting from the browser is navigate through directories in the terminal, move files, rename files, cp files, basic config editing in vim, basic understanding of chmod, and a few other things. Any help would be greatly appreciated and If any screenshots are needed, I’d be more than happy to put them up. Or if someone knows of a troubleshooting guide that I can follow first. Anything. I’m a little apprehensive messing with GPU stuff so thats why I’m coming here. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I found this but its pretty old. Is this something that would work?

It could be.

Please post your system information as outlined here:

Using ForceFullCompositionPipeline was a workaround for an issue that was fixed with an NVIDIA driver update over a year ago at least.

Okay cool when I get home from work, i’ll edit in my post the system requirements gathered the way outlined in that thread and get back to you. I appreciate the response. Ttyl!

hey I just wanted to let you know after a ton of messing around, I found out that I needed picom and to enable a feature in the config file that fixed screen tears in i3 gaps. Thanks a lot for the response earlier. I just wanted to make sure you knew it was solved.