Minisforum reports 120 TiB but over 450 GB of space available

My disk space for root reports 120 TiB for the folder size . But the space left reports 428 GiB with 8% space used.

This doesn’t add up. Which is true and why does root report such high numbers?

Isn’t that a lot for a mini PC?

It doesn’t have to. For all we know you have something else mounted under that folder. Or you have multiple symlinks. My guess is multiple timeshift snapshots.

I wasn’t sure if TiB was the same as MiB they used back in the day to trick people into several mega BYTES of storage or BITS. Google says 1 TiB > 1 TB and so the confusion compounded.

I ran the command and it shows a beefy amount of GB space that reflects the free space available.

No idea why it’s reporting 120 TiB. That’s still several more terabytes (TB) and doesn’t make sense to me. Snapshots kind of does.

Thanks for the command.

If your filesystem is btrfs - df or du will return weird results.

Use btrfs to calculate the usage or load up btrfs-assistant

Then post the output of fdisk -l on console.

Hard for us to tell if you don’t post the result here…

KDE Plasma bug that did not got fixed yet …

Screenshot from today, even after the KDE Plasma Version: 5.26.1 and KDE Frameworks Version: 5.99.0 update on testing branch.


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