Maintainer(s) wanted

I’ve recently had trouble finding enough time for developing manjaro-architect. I’ve now been almost half a year without a proper hardware for testing, so it is difficult to get things done. Furthermore, I’m now focusing more on other projects like gnome edition and calamares (hybrid netinstall and better btrfs support).

Manjaro-architect codebase is quite messy, and if I had time, I would probably rewrite it from scratch with narrower and more maintainable scope. I don’t want to abandon a working installer completely, since I know some people like it quite a bit. So, If someone is interested in developing manjaro-architect further, this is a good opportunity to get started.

Another project I know nothing about to tinker with?
Sure … why not … I’ll probably take a look on one of the long lonely nights.
Like tonight … or tomorrow night … or … :wink:


Not knowing how to do any of that, sure :smiley:

I definitely want to try testing, even if I don’t know coding that well (just started python), I would look at this as learning experience… being unemployed and all

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Invitation sent :smiley:

I’m not disappearing if you have any questions or need any help.

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Same as @olividir …I can only test :slight_smile:

Im happy to test anything and give feedback but I suck at git and coding. I once accidentally synced my home folder with an android kernel I was compiling, when I deleted the kernel I lost my home directory :rofl::rofl:


Testing is also super useful

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Is this still looking for testing or anything?

I don’t really know how to code, never really sparked interest in me – it seems like coders are needed - I don’t know how much I can help with that, but I’m fine testing out shiz on the Architect releases.

Just let me know what I can help with(testing or whatevs) and I’ll see if I can do it.

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Thanks for having provided this useful tool for a while.

I think there are two basic problems with Architect. On one hand it does too many things. It will be better having those capabilities broken into separated tools, divided into the smallest functions, and then compose them into a simple overlay installer.

Secondly it’s hard to test changes on the code. It would be useful having certain way to simulate the installation on a regular system, so you can easily test any small modification without much previous building or configuration.

I think the way to go is to start coding any of those small tools, or preferably the one that eases the last problem. Then just make Architect call them.

I’ve been planning to do this for a few years now, but haven’t had time to do it yet. I would start with simple noninteractive installer that reads a yaml configuration file. And even that could be broken into several submodules. Then, make a TUI that generates the configuration file and calls the actual installer.

If you have time on your hands and want to take a look at it, you are welcome to do so and I’ll help wherever I can.

Yeah, I will do it.

I will start with something simple, like the locales configurator, to get an idea of how the usability should look like.

I will come back later. Ciao!