How does one get involved in development of Manjaro?

I am a software engineer of 26 years and would like to help fix bugs, add features… etc…

How do I get involved?

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Since this question was asked before, i will do a short summary of the answers provided before by different team members, for being straight forward.

You may check out our Tools or developed Applications. Depending on your coding skills you may find some improvements to add to their code or you may even add new features. Getting familiar with Linux OS itself is also good to know. Get used to PKGBUILD and how you may package your software. For our applications those scripts already exists and with a makepkg in the given folder a compilation is easy to be started out of the box.


  • checkout our community / help out on the forum
  • checkout our tools or applications / add or update documentation
  • try to change some code and send your changes in
  • look for orphaned AUR packages which need a maintainer
  • test packages / check your changes locally on your system
  • check and improve translations on projects you like
  • when all fits, you will get the needed rights to work more independently

Welcome, since you are on KDE :two_hearts: here’s your first target :



Besides pamac-qt, manjaro-architect still needs a maintainer as well:

It is a great TUI script to install Manjaro.

That being said, don’t force yourself to work on something you don’t like. Find a project that you feel like helping out on!

Hang out. Share any helpful tools you might develop or tweak yourself such as at gitlab.
Besides the traditional git and bug reporting and such, there are also the ‘development’ categories here, and once you are around a while and have a better ‘trust level’ you can also make use of some of the more internal forum areas like the ‘member hub’ to collaborate. A lot of people use telegram as well.

With all due respect, I think this is the most important thing to be focused on if we don’t want that to be stalled forever: Finish PolKit integration (!143) · Merge requests · Frameworks / KIO · GitLab


Darn, didn’t know that this is about to stumble on the finish line. That would be very unfortunate.