Is manjaro-architect no longer being supported?

I noticed that there are no more official links to manjaro-architect or any recently updated versions available. im trying to reinstall but im having problems with the setup.

there seems to be a conflict with util-lib-linux and libutil-linux packages during the initial package updates. resolving the conflict separately creates new issues, ie some of the menu options have no items

This is the answer

And probably is still in the works till is usable again.

You can still install the architect manually on any Manjaro iso and use it, but be aware of all the bugs. There is currently no guarantee that it will work as intended. Instructions are in the thread:

That’s true, I have to do a reinstall on my ThinkPad and for some reason it wasn’t working (because I was using the unstable branch) to install the packages. Retried and use stable worked (as always LUKS / BTRFS) setup


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