Manjaro 21.0 Ornara Stable version(Xfce) live iso Manjaro architect missing!

on page number 35 of official manjaro-documentation it states

“On the desktop, a shortcut to the Manjaro Architect installer is also available, although it is not aimed at beginners. It is the same that is available in the Architect edition.”

i am not able to find these desktop icons for manjaro architect with 21.0 release(stable) in live enviournment. i use xfce (full and minimal version) iso and have also verified official sha1sum twice for each iso. How do i enter architect mode in xfce live medium?

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See the answer by philm on that:


Architect is also not listed in the Downloads section of the Manajro website.

Last thing, check the year in which the Manjaro guide was written.

As a whole, it’s still valid but some details have changed over time, as Manjaro keeps rolling.

Can I use previous architect version and update it to new during install? Or will it break? I really miss architect as it was an exceptionally excellent tool for deploying Manjaro :frowning:

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