Please bring back Architect!

I Just heard that Architect is “discontinued”.

Architect is by far the best installer for Arch-based distros that I know. In my opinion “the right way” to install Manjaro. In addition to giving the user so much choises for configuring Manjaro, it also gives the user a learning experience.

I really hope someone adopts the project!

Why can’t that someone be…oh, I don’t know…you?

I’d love to do it myself but, in fact, haven’t even yet used it before, never mind enough to maintain it. Also, while I am a web developer and know my way relatively well Around PHP and Javascript relatively well, and have done some scripting, there’s absolutely no way I’d be able to do it.

Have a look here:

Saw that. But as I mentioned, there’s no way I would be able to do it.

It’s developed in bash isn’t it?

I really, really, really have not idea.

However, my bit of scripting knowledge is just that - a bit. Nothing that would come close to being advanced enough for it.

It is? I know a bit of bash… :thinking: