Architect manjaro distro

Hi! a long time ago there was a distribution kit of Manjaro Architect, now it is gone, the Architect project no longer exists?

I want to thank all the developers of Manjaro, this is a very nice and simple distrobut! I just didn’t have time to download Manjaro Architect

can you give some advice or how to learn Linux development, I would like to join development

It’s not question for me. I’ve never been a developer and my programming skill is very bad – I can only write simple scripts in bash :upside_down_face:

But anyway, in my opinion if you want to be Architect developer you need very good know how about Linux configuration and good know Bash (because Manjaro Architect is mainly in bash). Look into repositories and think if you can improve something :wink:

ok! what do you recommend for learning bash and Linux configuration?

Umm… The internet?

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