Timeshift does not restore

Timeshift latest stable does NOT work. Is there a truly functional alternative or should ghost?

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It works for everyone else including myself. Please provide more details.

Please see:

I can’t because the restore generated no errors. On automatic reboot, I got a no boot disk error. I don’t trust this software. Are there any more reliable solutions. Manjaro is so unstable that I either use a reliable backup or find a new distro.

Did you check the restore log in /var/log/timeshift/?

You’ll need to be a little more specific than that if you are looking for help.

No matter what distro or backup software you end up with, the next time you do a fresh installation I highly recommend the following:

  1. Update and reboot
  2. Create initial backup
  3. Restore initial backup to make sure it works
  4. Install your favorite software and customize to your preference
  5. Create a new backup
  6. Restore new backup to make sure it works
  7. Schedule recurring backups

Not what I asked. Thanks.

Timeshift is probably the most popular and not seen anyone else posting bugs but you can check there git.

Theres several backup options available although most will be in the aur. Just do a google search, there’s back in time, borg, deja dup amongst others

answering your questions wouldnt fix your issues if you have any.

please corporate by giving info. requested to people willing to help you. reading what you have given already only provides that you have a booting issue of some sort after a restore.

Not completely - last year I had included my entire Home directory, and restoring failed after a pretty long time parsing (hard to remember, some 2 million files - including various caches/Plex caches especially noted) and basically it just failed.

At that time I used rsync to another disk, so I could reinstall and use it as a backup, but now I learned to use Timeshift (on home disk) in addition to my backup (back-in-time rsync to another disk).

These tools are not 100% idiot proof - I know, I can make most of them fail - I’m a real expert.

Language is very important here.

Timeshift does NOT work.

Clearly this is not quite correct - though it’s possible that it can fail. It is also more likely to fail when USERS play with it and mess around with it’s settings.

Is there a truly functional alternative?

Again, there are a million ways to skin a cat. Most people understand that functioning backups are simply copies of the system…

When my last Timeshift snapshot failed (it was rsync backup to /mnt/T4/timeshift) I had to reinstall from USB (takes maybe 5 minutes) and then used dual-pane dolphin to copy back settings as I reinstalled stuff.

Manjaro is so unstable that I either use a reliable backup or find a new distro.


Canoes are unstable if you have two fat men dancing in them whilst standing up.

Actually, I found Manjaro is stable - it’s ME that isn’t stable.

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If you don’t like it, why keep on using it?