Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

Well, since 56 is also compatible with GNOME 43, I’ve pushed it now.

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plasma-theme-minisforum is entirely out of date and incompatible now.

(depends on plasma5-themes-breath)

Example here:

Plasma packages related slimbook are in a similar state.

Example here:

Its beginning to look like a lot of these OEM/partnership packages are specifically being missed.
Which is probably not very desirable.

peruse has dated plasma5 deps and should be updated or removed.

It’s unmaintained and nothing requires it. I’ll drop it from the repos.

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I guess octopi needs some love too?

The old incompatible OEM theme packages were dropped from the repos earlier.

It’s is fixed now.


@Yochanan spectre-meltdown-checker has a False positive for CVE-2017-5715 on linux 6.9, retpoline not recognized · Issue #490 · speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker · GitHub

The Reporter also added a solution for Linux 6.9.x
RETPOLINE check needs to be replaced by this:


I am not sure how fast the maintainer of the project will be to add this fix.
Not a April fool but it was reported on 4/1

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First of all, that’s packaged by Manjaro, not Arch. Note I moved your reply to the proper thread.

That’s an upstream issue, not a packaging issue.

I’m going to drop it from repos. No one knows what it is, it’s no longer properly maintained and it’s obviously causing confusion.

Problem solved. :white_check_mark:


I found it was a really nice tool.

Not anymore, apparently. Either way, it’s just a script, download it and run it. No need for it to be packaged.

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It does not hurt for me to not have it installed on the system. If I need it I will grab the script.

  1. It is an optional requirement — functionally, not packaging-wise — for kinfocenter, and possibly for similar tools in other desktop environments.

  2. Considering that I received an update for it only a few days ago, I’d say that it is still being maintained.

  3. I did not install this package myself. It was pushed onto my system during one of the updates — possibly about two or three years ago — so the Manjaro team must have considered it essential at the time.

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It still shows a lot of stuff. Maybe not the newest vulnerabilities (last update to git about a year ago, although the manjaro package was updated at least 5 times in that period?), but many older ones. I too vote for leaving it. Maybe not installed by default but in the repos. And maybe with a note in the description about the 1 false positive it gives. And problem solved.

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And at least now, the CVE numbers are incorrect as Linux has an own CA.

Yes, I updated the package to the latest commit recently. I mean maintained upstream in a timely manner. It’s not.

It was included in the ISO profiles, I have no idea why. It’s been removed since. I don’t know how it could have been “pushed” as nothing depends on it.

Well, it’s pretty rare that I make a request, but there’s a new version for the NVIDIA proprietary drivers and there’s supposedly fixes for Wayland support. So considering that KDE has now made a move to push Wayland to the front end recently, it could be a good thing to have as soon as possible (and maybe a new point release of the Manjaro ISO images to offer these drivers by default on a fresh install and on the live session).

EDIT: Nvm, it’s a beta, so I guess I jumped on the guns too early. lol
Yet still interesting to know, for once it will be released officially.

Yes, I know there’s been a lot of excitement about the new 555 series. Besides it being in beta, one would probably not want to install them right now as there are other things that go along with them like XWayland and Mesa updates we don’t have yet. :wink:

Tried to submit this as an issue to the manjaro gitlab, but it was flagged as spam. Also sent an email, but posting here in case that gets buried.

Kernel versions 6.1.91, 6.1.92, 6.6.31, and 6.6.32 are affected by a bug that causes the system to hang when attempting to shutdown or reboot.

This should be fixed once 6.1.93 and 6.6.33 are released at some point.

For now, 6.1.92 and 6.6.32 were just released. If possible, please include this patch for these point releases: [PATCH] drm/amd: Fix shutdown (again) on some SMU v13.0.4/11 platforms

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You did see the red banner at the top, right? Either way, sorry about that.

…which should be very soon. Either way, I’ve let @phil know.