Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

This thread is here to request updates for packages that are in the official repositories of Manjaro and that are built+signed by the Manjaro team. It is not meant to request updates for packages that are imported from Arch Linux repositories as it is. For such requests, please see this thread instead: Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux.

Here’s an example of a package that is build and signed by someone in the Manjaro team.


Commands that can be used to verify who signed the package (thanks @papajoke) :

LANG=C pacman -Si <PACKAGE_NAME> | grep Packager

pamac info <PACKAGE_NAME> | grep Packager

Moderator Note: Please check here to see if the package has already been pushed before posting:


also including AUR , as they are in manjaro repos ?
for example Ventoy ?

Yes, it does satisfy to that definition, as even if the recipe is taken from AUR, the package that is in the official repositories of Manjaro is built by someone from Manjaro team and signed by someone from Manjaro team. Other examples of such package would be cpu-x or warpinator. :slight_smile:

The last packager for the ventoy package is @schinfo .

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systemd-manager-git (AUR)
maintainer: Yochanan

for packages that are in the official repositories

here is only a aur package (use aur page for requests)

Sorry - wrong dingsbums.
So no update request for AUR…
Btw: I successfully replaced “systemd-manager” by “SytemdGenie”
only new design - same effects, good enough for me. :innocent:

linux 5.9 (linux59)
maintainer: Philip Mueller (@philm)


5.9rc1 was pushed to the unstable branch yesterday:

[New Packages]
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linux-latest should be updated to kernel 5.8 now that it has it’s third point release it seems good.

wait a little because there is at the moment many patches in serie 5.8 ,
in order to be more stable

Okay. Now we are at the fifth point release of 5.8, with 5.7 being EOL. Package should be updated now.
Also, there is a metapackage for latest nvidia driver missing: linux-latest-nvidia-450xx

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Does the ‘‘Please justify why the requested update should be taken into consideration.’’-rule from the Arch-packages-topic (unfortunately I can’t link to the topic because Discourse) also apply for this topic?

less because we know these packages very well :wink: but giving reasons allows the maintainer to understand your request : “I’m in a hurry” is not the same as “this package with this version doesn’t work with …”
If package is already in testing or unstable, this is a technical reason, giving it will help the maintainer.

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@Chrysostomus it seems a rebuild of bmenu is needed, i’ve pushed a new release which also includes a minor typo fix.

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Uploading now

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Any news on when (or if) you could update the Brave (stable) package @philm?

@oberon Can I request an update for the kwinft package? The version in the Manjaro package repository is 5.19.0 but there’s a bugfix version 5.19.1 that was released shortly after. kwinft has been significantly more stable for me than kwin or kwin-lowlatency. Thanks!

thank you! seems I missed that. building now. :+1:

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